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Stop Smoking at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic
Testimonial from Corin and Mandie

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Transcript of testimonial letter

"Dear James

Thought it was now about time to drop you a line, you may recall that myself and my partner Mandie attended a session with your good self back in July 2007.

This week myself and Mandie celebrated achieving 6 months of being non smokers.......

What can we say....thank you, thank you, thank you!

Having been smokers for over 25 years and having tried to quit smoking on previous occasions, this has been by far the easiest, and longest we have managed, and we have no intention or inclination to start again.

A degree of will power was still required to reach this goal, however the technique you taught us via the hypnotherapy made the whole process of quitting very relaxing, and in a macabre sense enjoyable, its difficult to explain.... but what the hell, it worked!

To date we have saved over £2000.00, which is taking us to the Caribbean for my 40th in February - a 9 hour plane flight that we can now enjoy!!

Many thanks again James,

Yours Sincerely,

Corin Feltham
Mandie Smith"

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