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Stop Smoking in 1 hour at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

stop smoking manchester hypnosis

At the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic I offer a unique hypnosis session which has proven with endless clients to be the most successful way to stop smoking forever. I pride myself in being the most successful stop smoking specialist in the north of England. Taught by Rob Kelly, the world authority on stop smoking and Pure Hypnoanalysis - my unique stop smoking method is tried and tested with an over 95% success rate! My testimonials speak for themselves.

Using the power of hypnosis you too can become a non-smoker in 1 hour!

Have you ever?...

Tried to stop smoking and then foudn yourself taking it out on everyone else?
Failed to stop smoking ... yet again and feel like you're doomed to this habit?
Stood out in the freezing cold thinking should I really be doing this?
Driven to the garage late at night to stock up for that morning smoke?
Gone through an ashtray getting dog ends to make a smoke in a Rizla?

... I thought so, the list goes on and on. The thing smokers do?! People believe they're so addicted to smoking that they'll do all sorts of things for them. The thing is smoking is an amazing habit, and it's not hard to understand why people do it.

It's that reliable 'friend' who gives you comfort when you feel stressed. It will even give you a small head-rush if you abstain for several hours. It's your buddy with that cup of coffee. It's the friend that helps you out in social situations. It's a friend that never let's you down.

I was a smoker once and I gave up using this fantastic method
- so I assure you - you can too!

The thing is, you are not addicted to smoking - it's just that you believe you are because you enjoy it. I know you're not because so many people have just stopped after 1 hour with me. No cravings - no nothing.

But what about the cravings when I've tried in the past to stop?

People believe that craving when you abstain from a cigarette are because you coming down off nicotine - that you're withdrawing from the addictive chemical nitotine. This is not true. Those feelings are not you coming down off nicotine - it's something completely different! When you come and visit me for your stop smoking sessions you'll be amazed to learn what those feelings really are! Furthermore, you won't crave tobacco when we're done! You won't even miss tobacco when we're done!

How would you like to feel like a non-smoker?

Have you ever thought what it would be like to simply not want to smoke - to have the mind set of a non-smoker?

People who have never smoked don't even think about smoking and aren't even bothered if someone offers them a cigarette. They simply say, "No thanks, I don't smoke". It presents no issue to them.

I'm sure you've tried in the past to stop, and indeed may have for months - but when 'tested' at a party, perhaps after a glass of wine or two - decide, "oh I'll just treat myself to one". This is what I call the self reward smoke. Commonly, smokers who do give up smoking by will power, months later find themselves rewarding themselves with a ciggy for 'giving up'! They justify this action by thinking, "Well, it wasn't that hard to give up, I just have one - it won't hurt".

My technique is proven with thousands of clients and uses a blend of psychology and an extremely effective form of hypnotherapy - and allows you to become a non-smoker in only one hour, like many others who have visited the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic.

How why do you want to become a non-smoker?

Do you want to feel fitter?
Do you want to feel healthier?
Do you want to have more sex drive?
To not stink of tobacco?
Do you want have more money?
To live longer?

These are all great reasons to stop, but are these reason really going to make you stop? I mean they haven't yet have they - because you're still smoking! Clearly these reasons aren't good enough! When you come and visit me for your session - you'll learn why these reason aren't good enough - and you'll be amazed at the reason!

You'd me MAD to stop smoking for the reasons given above!

The fact of the matter is this. Smoking gives the smoker VERY real benefits. It helps you stay calm in stressful situations (actually it does the opposite at a physiological level) because you believe it does, you've learnt that that what smoking does - so that's what it does. Infact there's loads of gaurenteed benefits to smoking! Such as;

It makes me feel calmer
It relieves boredom
It make social situations easier
It 'sets me up' for the day
It makes everything feel just right

t's a fantastic habit, and lives up to all of it's promises - it's why smokers smoke. It produces very real, positive effects for the smoker. Smoking helps you cope with life; it's like a friend who's always with you, a friend who never let's you down. We all know that smoking is bad for health, but the habit gives you so much, why would you want to give it up?

Nobody likes giving something up and getting nothing in return
- and smoking is no exception!

One of the problems with stopping smoking, and one of the reasons WHY people find it so difficult to do so is that they're giving up somethings they love doing and getting nothing in return. Frankly that's enough to piss anyone off!

But I've tried SO many times before!

I know - I know! I did too!

Most of my clients have already tried and failed to quit smoking using willpower, patches and chewing gum: hypnotherapy really does offer a viable alternative that really works without substituting smoking for other gimmicks.

The NHS Stop Smoking campaign seems to encourage people to switch from tobacco as the drug of choice, to other drugs such as nicotine replacement patched and gums - why?

To be honest I have absolutely no idea - but this policy seems strange because my technique is so successful, people simple don't need a replacement, they are simply free to live their lives as non-smokers!

Come on - let's get you stopped once and for all!

If you are truly committed to ending your smoking habit you will find the session will motivate and empower you to break the habit of smoking once and for all. During this packed session (lasting about an hour) you will learn a great deal about your current habit and by the end of the session, you will leave the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic as a non-smoker!

The Stop Smoking session is intensive and hard work, but by the end of it;

You won't even miss cigarettes
You won't feel stressed an anxious that you now don't smoke
You'll feel positive and relaxed
You'll replace cigarettes with an overwhelming feeling of pride

Please contact me now at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic now and arrange for your 1 hour session to end your habit of smoking. The session comprises of a 30 minute 'talky bit' and a 30 minute hypnotherapy session. Please note that some sessions can take 1 hr 30 min in total.

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