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Sports meditation and hypnosis

sports meditation

Have you ever noticed how professional sports people seem to 'prepare' themselves just before carrying out their sporting activity? Just look at a professional runner before starting the race - absolute focus, nothing more, nothing less. How about a professional golfer before taking the shot - again, absolute focus. In the mind of a professional sports person, there is no room for any other thought than absolutely focus on the goal in hand. By learning meditative techniques - you can learn to improve your sports perfomance dramatically because medication is a form of self hypnosis.

Try this before your next sporting activity

A good tip, that you may wish to try, to prove to yourself the power of your own mind, is to carry the following out 15 minutes before your sporting activity. The whole exercise should last about 10 minutes.

Find somewhere quite and sit or lie down with your eyes closed.. Focus on breathing nice and slowly. As you breathe, count each breath. Continue breathing slowly and deeply for 50 breaths - counting each one. As you breathe, notice how you body relaxes and becomes calm - be aware of how your body feels as you do this. You will notice differences in sensations such as tingling, or numbness, or feelings of lightless, or becoming heavier and heavier.

Now continue breathing nice and calmly and allow yourself to experience your sporting activity as you want it be. You may wish to visualise yourself doing the activity as you want it to be, or if you find it difficult to visualise, just get a sense and feelings of how to want it to be. Importantly, you must do this getting a sense of yourself doing it perfectly, as you want it to happen. Do not leave any room for doubts - simply see it happening as you want it to. If you're a golfer, imagine taking shot after shot perfects, if your a weight lifter, imagine yourself lifting that weight with perfect form etc.

Continue doing this for a few minutes then count backwards from 10 to 1 with ten breaths and then open your eyes. Your be pleasantly suprised at what a difference that little exercise will make to your performance!

Importantly with this exercise - you don't have to visualise anything if you find that difficult. Just get a sense, a feeling, of how you want it to be. Everybodies imagination works with different senses. Some people are very visual (e.g. visualise yourself taking the perfect golf shot), some people rely more on sound (e.g. hear you friends or crowd being amazed at your wonderful shot), some people rely more on feelings (e.g. feel how great you feel after taking the perfect shot). It doesn't matter how you use your imagination, just keep it all very positive and you're already accessing the most powerful tool in the world - your own mind!

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