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Sports Hypnosis at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

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Hypnosis can be used as an excellent tool to give you that necessary competative boost to keep you in the lead. Whether you simply want to feel more motivated to go to the gym, or whether you need competative edge to win that important race - with the skillfull use of hypnosis any obstacles can be removed from your mind leading you effortlessly towards your goals.

The mind and sports performance

Any semi-professional or professional sports person will realise the true importance of having a well tuned mind in order the excel at sports performance. The mind is quite literally hard-wired to the body (the wires being the nervous system) and unless the mind is as tuned as the body, a person can never be at his or her best because the limiting factor will be the mind. If someone has a well tuned body for sport - it doesn't matter how tuned it is if the mind is not willing to run the body at an optimum.

This would be very similar to you or I jumping into a Formula 1 racing car and trying to make it perform (unless you are a Formula 1 racing driver). Because our minds aren't tuned in to the machine (the body), there is no way that we could ever get it to perform like a professional driver could - no where near!

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Particular sports require particular skills. Some require tenacity, and the ability to push beyond what we perceive are our 'limits' - such as weight lifting.

Some sports require point-point accuracy such as darts and golf. Whatever your sport, I can tailor a hypnotherapy treatment to suit your requirements.

Anxiety and performance in sports

Anxiety can quite often be the 'rate limiting step' to allowing your performance to be at it's peak because anxiety can manifest itself in many forms. Key to sports performance, anxiety can give someone a sense of 'being held back' or a sense of self-esteem that creates a 'I'll never be as good as that' mind-set.

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Using a combination of hypnotherapy and Pure Hypnoanalysis - you can become whatever you want to be - by removing all obstacles and blockages - and I do mean literally whatever you want to be. The only thing that is holding you back from truly excelling at your sport is your own mind and using my skillls as a hypnotherapist and Pure Hypnoanalylitical therapist, I am able to help your achieve your goals.

Contact me now for a free sports hypnosis consultation

At the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic, you're very welcome to contact me at any time to arrange a free 1 hour consultation so that we can discuss your specific needs. I look forward to meeting you.

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