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Vaginismus treatment at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

What is Vaginismus?

vaginismus treatment

Vaginismus is one of the most common sexual disorders experiences by females and is a condition where vaginal penetration becomes painful or impossible because the pubococcygeus spasm resulting in a closure of the vaginal opening.This spasm is involuntary as if something that is 'out of control' is trying to prevent penetration. If the contraction is relatively weak - then penetration may be possible but is likely to be painful because the vaginal cavity is not wide enough. This penetration is likely to have to be forceful to some degree with very often is not pleasant for either partner (both physically and emotionally) and is likely to result in severe discomfort.

Symptoms of Vaginismus

The key symptoms of Vaginismu are all or any one of the following;

Impossible vaginal penetration.
Vaginal muscle spasms preceeding penetration.
Vaginal muscle spasms if undergoing a sexual examination.
Discomfort or severe pain if penetration is possible at all.

Causes of Vaginismus

Vaginismus doesn't seem to be understood by many professionals in that most treatments seems only to ever attempt to deal with the symptoms themselves, and amazingly none seem to understand the cause of the symptoms. The cause of Vaginismus is anxiety and the worlds best therapy for dealing with that anxiety is Pure Hypnoanalysis.

Anxiety is caused by bottle up emotions and it is these bottled up emotions that need ot be released in order for someone suffering from Vaginismus to be completely free of their symptoms. Most therapies including conventional hypnotherapy, CBT, psychology, couselling and even techniques such as NLP could only at best allow a sufferer to cope a little bit better, and that's possibly after years of therapy. It's amazing that some 'hypnotherapists' will claim to be able to cure Vaginismus using conventional hypnotherapy even though I have never come across any knowledge of this actually having happened.

However there is a successful treatment for Vaginismus

Fortunately, there is a very successful treatment for painful intercourse, and it is the only treatment in the world that I know of that can completely remove the symptoms of Vaginismus. Pure Hypnoanalysis unlike all other therapies deals with the underlying cause of the Vaginismus which are bottled up emotions that cause anxiety. Only when these bottled up emotions are released will the sufferer be truely and permanently free of their symptoms and this unique therapy is the only way to do this - that's why I practice it.

Pure Hypnoanalysis at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Cliniic
will allow you to live your permanently free from symptoms of Vaginismus

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