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Unwanted fetish treatment at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

What is a fetish?

unwanted fetish treatment

In the context of sexual problems, a fetish is any non-sexual object, such as a foot or glove, that abnormally excites erotic feelings.

People with fetishes are generally sexually aroused by objects that are not classically defined as sexual objects, such as shoes, rubber, or leather. Mild fetishes can result in sexual arousal by the fetish object and indeed their partner and quite commonly, such fetishes would usually be considered as 'kinky' these days.

However, problems can occur if the object of the fetish over takes any need for sexual intercourse (with a partner) so that other sexual activities suffer. The fetish then may become the source of friction within an otherwise loving and caring relationship.


It can be considered that over use of pornography may actually be a fetish whereby actual sexual contact may become non-existent because the person feels he/she is being fully sexually satisfied by the use of pornography and masturbation (self pleasure).

This can then lead the person with the fetish to feel abnormal, guilty, embarrassed and other such negative emotions, which can then lead to depression and other symptoms of anxiety.

Treatment for unwanted fetishes

If you have a sexual fetish that feels like it's out of control, or a fetish which is causing your sex life/ relationship(s) to suffer please don't hesitate to contact me in complete confidentiality. I have help clients in the past overcome their fetishes so please be assured that whatever your fetish - it really doesn't matter - in terms of being able ot e help you overcome these out of control feelings.


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