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Sexual Aversion Disorder Treatment at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Sexual aversion is the fear of sexual intercourse and can extend to the fear of any type of sexual interaction. Even if sexual intercourse is experienced, commonly, no pleasure is derived from the experience even if/when orgasm is reached. I am very experienced in helping people overcome what is generally known as sexual aversion disorder with a very unique and effective therapy - Pure Hypnoanalysis.

What causes sexual aversion?

Sexual aversion (the avoidance of sexual interaction) is caused by feelings of anxiety surrounding the action and even quite commonly the thought of sex. To remove the feelings of wanting not wanting to have sex, it is important to remove the actual cause of these feelings in order to free the person who this is affecting permanently from. Pure Hypnoanalysis is the only therapy in the world that is able to do this because it's the only therapy that can get to the root cause of these feelings. Other therapies at best could only help you cope a bit better is improve the way you feel about sex a little bit.

The worlds most effective treatment for sexual aversion is Pure Hypnoanalysis

People often visit me with various types of sexual problems so please be assured that you will feel at ease discussing such issues with me. You will find me completely non-judgemental and easy going so you'll feel at ease when you visit me at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic. Please contact me to arrange a free consultation with no obligation so that we can have a chat about your specific needs and allow me to inform you of the ways in which I will be able to assist.

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