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Sadomasochism and masochism treatment (BDSM treatment)
at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

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BDSM is an abbreviation for the terms bondage discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism. BDSM is commonly thought of as 'kinky' in generally involves role play of a power exchange (one partner being dominant and the other being submissive). In gay relationships, where BDSM is practiced the dominant partner is known as the 'top' and the submissive is generally known as the 'bottom'. BDSM at face value, to someone who doesn't understand it will apprear like abuse, but the key difference between BDSM and abuse is that with BDSM everything is usually consensual (although extreme pain may be given or received).

Generally speaking, before a BDSM session begins, all parties involved are aware of a 'safe word' which when spoken - stop whatever is going on from happening. This is to protect all parties from anything happening that they do not consent to.

As with everything in life pretty much - my personal opinion is 'each to his own'.

What are Sadomasochistic and masochistic tendencies

Sadomasochism is deriving sexual pleasure or gratification by the action of inflicting pain upon another person. Conversely, masochism is the deriving of sexual pleasure or gratification upon receiving the infliction of pain from another person.

These activities involve binding (restriction of movement by ropes, chains, hanging, harnesses etc.), being humiliated (a form of emotional pain), or a number of other ways to inflict to receive a very real sense of suffering. This can act as a enhancement of/or substitute for sexual pleasure but sexual interaction is not an essential part of sadomasochism and masochism although it often is.

Within sadomasochistic or masochistic acts there is a prevalence of domination and submission. Indeed, heterosexual couples may role-play, with the woman being more dominant over the man to 'spice up' their sex lives, as a way of counteracting the norm of the man being dominant over the women. This switch of domination for submission leads of feelings of vulnerability, which can be sexually interesting and exciting for both partners.

Masochists are not usually willing to receive just any form of pain. Generally only enjoying pain received in the context of being submissive from someone enforcing authority and in a sexual context. Sadists will usually only inflict pain if the context in which he/she is doing so is to enforce domination and humiliate the receiver (which may be at the indirect pleasure of the receiver if he/she is masochistic).

Domination and submission

BDSM (domination and submission, or "bondage") applies to a sexual context where one person becomes submissive and the other becomes dominant. Clearly, in a world of shades of grey, BDSM can easily spill over boundaries in the realm of sadomasochism and masochism and vice versa, but generally speaking this does not happen.

BDSM can be confused with sadomasochism and masochism but there are essential differences, namely in the general absence of physical pain and the absence of negative emotions like humiliation, and the creating of suffering.

People partaking in BDSM sexual activities may negotiate and decide at any point to switch roles, from being dominant to submissive and vice versa. BDSM can be a very useful practice for long-term partners to explore their own sexual boundaries and to learn about each other vulnerabilities.

Unlike sadomasochism and masochism, BDSM does not usually involve pain, suffering, and humiliation, in fact, conversely, it can be founded on mutual respect for each other. Indeed the essential trust and rapport needed to enjoy BDSM activities are similar to those essential elements needed to make any loving and long term relationship possible.

Sadomasochism and masochism treatment (BDSM treatment)

Some people can find themselves in conflict with some area of these activities. It may be that they feel compelled to take part in BDSM activities but feel very ashamed for doing do. It may be that they feel compelled to take part in sadomasochism and masochism but feel now that the 'enjoyment' they used to get out of it just isn't there any more, indeed is not hurts is a far deeper emotional way, and the person wishes to leave these practices behind them.

Whatever your reason for seeking help about BDSM, please don't hesitate to contact me. You can be assured of absolute confidentiality at all times gaurenteed. My promise to you is that whatever is troubling you, you will find me very non-judgmental, easy going, and you'll be suprised at how at ease you feel when talking to me.

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