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Pornography Addiction Help and treatment (overcoming pornography addiction)
at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

pornogaphy addiction help manchester hypnotherapy

These days pornography is everywhere, and use of it has sky-rocketed since the internet came of age. Pornography is abundant in our society and many people may consider some levels of pornography healthy and find it's use adds to a perfectly healthy sexual lifestyle. Pornography only becomes a problem when someone feels it has been a problem - the feeling that things are out of control.

When is pornography a problem?

An addiction to pornography can become a major problem when one partner, in what would otherwise be a healthy sexual relationship, is 'into it' and the other isn't. Pornography addiction may also lead to one partner preferring the use of pornography to having real sex, which is clearly going to cause a problem within a relationship.

Pornography addiction is similar to OCD

computer pornography

Pornography addiction is a type of obsessive compulsive disorder, where the act of viewing, listening to, reading, thinking about pornographic materials becomes a self-isolating obsession, and it is at this point that the addicted person may feel that the pornography has become a problem.

Pornography can become the sexual object as opposed to a real human

Sexual satisfaction from pornography may become an addiction and preference to real-life sexual experience. This is in some ways very similar to the formation of a fetish.

The emotion of guilt is behind pornography addiction

If a sexual partner has feelings of inadequacy (performance anxiety) over real-life sex (such anxiety may be generated by feelings of being unable to satisfy their partners), then pornography can become the easier option to gain a sense of sexual satisfaction. The person may prefer pornography over real-life sex and so having to avoid the feelings of guilt and shame associated with the perception of not being able to satisfy their partner.

Conversely, though, the attempt not to experience the guilt and shame associated with performance anxiety via sexual satisfaction through pornographic means, will lead to feelings of guilt and shame at covertly gaining sexual gratification through pornography and keeping this secret or separate from their partner. It is clear that whichever route the person decides to take, there is no escaping the feeling of guilt and shame.

internet pornography

With the Internet now being well established, pornography from soft- to hard-core is now easily available with none of the usual embarrassment of purchasing magazines from top shelves of newsagents. This has lead to an increase in the number of cases of people experiencing pornography addiction, at the expense of real-life sexual experience.

Help with pornography addiction at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Pornography addiction, like any addiction is due to bottled up emotions, and it is these emotions that cause the anxiety you feel. Pure Hypnoanalysis is the only therapy in the world that can free you for these out of control feelings because it's the only therapy in the world that aims the remove the cause of the problem. All other therapies including conventional hypnotherapy, CBT, psychology, counselling, and even techniques such as NLP only ever deal with the symptoms themselves so cannot completely free a person from pronography addiction.

Overcome your pornography addiction - permanently.
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