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Nymphomania (Excessive Sex Drive) Treatment and Help
at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

nymphomania treatment

Nymphomania is described as a man or women who has an excessive sex drive and is sometimes also known as 'hyperactive sex drive'. Nymphomania is not necessarily a problem when both partners enjoy excessive sex but can lead to imbalance within relationships if one partner is not as willing as the other. Indeed nymphomania can be as destructive to a relationship as a hypoactive sex drive.

Effective treatment for Nymphomania

Like everything in life, everything has a cause. The cause for Nymphomania is anxiety and unless the bottled up emotions that are causing the anxiety are released - the anxiety will remain and you will continue to feel your 'out of control' sex drive. Pure Hypnoanalysis is the only therapy in the world that can free you from these out of control feelings because it's the only therapy in the world that can release the cause (the emotions) that are driving the nymphomania.

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