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Help with sexuality conflict (homosexual, gay, bisexual feelings) at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

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Quite commonly people consult me with feelings of confusion and conflict with their sexualities. Often male or female clients will consult me with homosexual feelings that are causing them conflict (equally homosexual clients consult me with other problems not relating to sexuality).

What causes conflict with sexuality?

Conflict with sexuality is caused because of feelings of anxiety based around sexual preference. Some people who are gay are simply happy being gay - but some people have a great deal of difficulty coming to terms with the way they are feeling.

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It is clearly evident that in some cases (not all cases though) the direction of sexual preference is due to bottled up emotions that 'drive' a person towards a particular sexual preference - and these bottled up emotions cause the anxiety with creates the conflict with sexuality.

People who are experiencing unwanted homosexual feeling can very easily become depressed or even worse in some cases suicidal because they feel that no one understands them. If you are such a person, be assured that I do. Conlict of sexuality is usually accompanied by feelings of intense shame and guilty. Indeed when these feelings are present, this will usually be because of feelings they have about what other people will think of them. This created yet more conflict.

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As a Pure Hypnoanalytical therapist I often see clients of a genders and sexualities so you can be rest assured that you will feel comfortable talking to me - in fact you might be very suprised to find that you feel more at ease than you have done for some time. Whatever you're going through right now - believe me - there's a professional at the end of this website that can help you.

If you would like to resolve the feelings that you have inside that are causing you to feel conflict with your sexuality - please contact me now to arrange a free consultation. We can then have a chat about how you're feeling and take steps to release all this conflict so you can live the rest of your life free from it.

Live your life free of conflict with your sexuality.
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