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Phobia Treatment (overcoming phobias)
at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

phobia treatment manchester hypnotherapy

Phobias are fear of certain objects, situations or places. To the person who has the phobia, he/ she knows it's irrational but nevertheless the fear if very real and out of control. A phobia reaction is more than just fear - it's an uncontrollable feeling of dread and panic.

Treatment of phobias

Most therapists don't seem to understand what a phobia actually is - and because of this go about treating phobias in completely the wrong way. Therapies such as conventional hypnotherapy (suggestion therapy/ clinical hypnosis), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Phychology, Counselling and Psychiatry all approach phobias from the stand point treating the symptom. At no point do any of these therapies realistically ask, 'Why does this phobia exist in the first place'.

Quite commonly, I successfully treat (cure) people suffering from Emetophobia (fears surrounding the subject of sick and vomit) who have previously been through many months CBT for example. It would seem that a quite common approach to 'helping' people with Emetophobia using CBT is to expose them to vomit, make them listen to people being sick, watch videos of people being sick etc. I don't know about you - but that comes across as cruel. Indeed, clients who have been through CBT have often described it as precisely this. The thing is, if exposing people to the very thing they were afraid of, or exposing them to the situation they were afraid of did help them to live their lives in a much happier way - then so be it. The thing is - it clearly doesn't in many cases. Indeed those that is does 'work' on - don't seem to be completely free of their symptoms - they just seem to be coping a bit better.

The lack of real success of CBT doesn't suprise me, because like most therapies, it completely ignores the fact that something is causing these out of control feelings. CBT is very much like trying to turn a tap off by stuffing toilet tissue in the nozel of the tap - at some point the pressure is just going to build up and the water's going to come out again. Surely a better solution would be to just turn off the tap?

Be free from your phobia permanently with Pure Hypnoanlysis
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What causes phobias?

fear of flying treatment manchester hypnotherapy

Phobias are formed by the human mind because it's very clever indeed. They form because we, as human beings, hate the unknown. Feelings of anxiety are so uncomfortable (because we don't actually know where they're coming from) we very quickly give a reason as to why we feel that way - and this is why phobias are formed. Locally it would be much better to fear flying on a plane (even though we may feel this is ultimately irrational because flying is the safest form of transport) than fear an unknown 'thing'. To learn more about phobia formation please visit my page on anxiety.

Overcoming phobias and anxiety that causes phobias permanently isn't possible with 'Hypnotherapy', but is possible and easily achievably with Pure Hypnoanalysis

People, understandably, have the impression that Hypnotherapy can cure phobias. This is because of what they see on TV, and indeed what other hypnotherapists advertise. Nevertheless, hypnotherapy (otherwise known as conventioanl hypnotherapy, clinical hypnosis, suggestion therapy) can help.

Hypnotherapy (as practiced by most practioners in the UK) can indeed help with the removal of a phobia, but it isn't the best way forward. This is because hypnotherapy only deals with the symptoms itself - not the cause of the symptom (which is anxiety). What this means is that a hypnotherapist may indeed assist the complete removal of the phobia - but because the anxiety hasn't been dealt with in any way - something else will occur to express the anxiety that actually caused the phobia in the first place. This is known as symptom substitution, and is very real.

A clear example of this is people problem who give up smoking (by poorly conducted suggestion therapy) and then end up a year later having put on weight as a result of binge eating. That person will tell everybody how wonderful the hypnotherapist was that they've stopped smoking for a year - but will have no idea that the hypnotherapist indirectly (by actually) caused them to binge eat.

Another example is when people stop smoking by willpower alone. This will commonly cause them to binge eat - again - this is symptom substitution at work. To learn more about anxiety please click the link..

Phobias are generally divided into 3 groups

Because phobias (fear) can form aroudn any object or situation - the number of potential phobias is vast and cannot be listed (although attempts have been made). They are generally divided into 3 groups and these are;

Specific Phobias
Generalised Phobias
Social phobias (social anxieties)

Specific Phobias

Specific phobias form when a persons anxiety attaches itself to a very specific object or situation. The most common phobias that I treat are;

Fear of the dark Fear of vomiting / sick
Fear of flying Fear of clowns
Fear of heights Fear of public speaking
Fear of driving Fear of the open spaces
Fear of the closed spaces Fear of germs
Fear of sex Fear of needles
Fear of death and dying Fear of blood
Fear of the dentist Fear of abandonment
Fear of the change Fear of the thunder storms
Fear of the doctors Fear of snakes
Fear of long words Fear of people
Fear of love Fear of rejection
Fear of the being alone Fear of falling
Fear of the bees and wasps Fear of dogs
Fear of commitment Fear of the intimacy
Fear of spiders Fear of people
Fear of failure Fear of water
Fear of peeing in public Fear of school

There are quite literally hundreds and thousands of potential phobias because any object or situation can become phobic. Ultimately, phobias are an expression of feeling 'out of control' - which is caused by anxiety. By dealing with the anxiety using Pure Hypnoanlysis - the phobia goes - permanently - and so do a myriad of other symptoms that you are likely to be feeling that are causing misery in your life.

Generalised Phobias

Generalised phobias are where phobias 'spread thinly' over a number of situations or objects. For example fearing buttons and any type of object that fastens clothes together. Stasibasiphobia would be a good example where a person feels a dreaded fear of standing or walking.

Social Phobias / Social anxieties

social phobia treatment

Social phobias (quite commonly known as social anxiety) is where phobias form around situations involving other people. Generally speaking, social phobias are fear of being judged negatively, fearing embarrassment, or humiliation in public situations. Very commonly people seek methods of how to overcome social anxiety - so there is a specific page on this website about social anxiety.

Overcome your phobia and anxiety permanently

Most people searching for a cure to their phobia will end up with a course of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) or indeed with a treatment of hypnotherapy (clinical hypnosis, suggestion therapy). These treatment can help, but will not permanently allow you to live your life free of feelings of being out of control. These therapies only ever deal with the symptom, not the cause of the symptom. Many clients that see me have already experienced CBT, and indeed been through several sessions of hypnotherapy, but still, even if there original phobia has been dealt with - their lives still feel out of control and miserable. To me, this comes as no suprise - because I am fully aware that the cause of these feelings hasn't been dealt with in any way.

Do you want to genuinely live your life free from all these horrible 'out of control' feelings?

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If you do, contact me now.

Pure Hypnoanalysis is the worlds only therapy that is able to release the emotions (the anxiety) that is causing all these feelings. The result is amazing. With my specialised treatment of Pure Hypnoanalysis, you get to live your life permanently free from all the feelings that are holding you back from being happy. No coping, no more suffering, no more avoiding situations that previously feared, just complete freedom from teh things that were holdling you back. My testimonials speak for themselves.

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