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Overcoming the fear of public speaking at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

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The fear of public speaking, is a form of social phobia called glossophobia. Speaking in front of the public or giving presentations to groups or at business meetings is a daunting task for many people and can cause dramatic levels of anxiety. For some people the thought of standing in front of a group of people can be so terrifying that it's avoided at all costs, whereas others may just feel mild levels of nervousness. For people who do not feel comfortable speaking in public, sensations of anxiety are also commonly accompanied with feelings like butterflies in the stomach and legs feeling like jelly.

Would you like to have the confidence to speak in public?

Some people may feel more anxious about the actual number of people they're speaking to rather than the actual act of speaking in public. Some people may be perfectly comfortable talking to a number of work colleagues in a meeting but terrified at the prospect of addressing a hundred or so people. Some people may have a very specific fear of talking in front of people, such as having to give the best man's speech at a wedding.

There are many reasons why people feel such anxiety at the prospect of public speaking and a few of these are;

Being in an unfamiliar situation – Apprehension exists because people seldom have the opportunity to practice the act of public speaking.

Feelings of being very self conscious – With so many people staring at you, your mind begins to drift and worry about how you are being perceived.

Fear of embarrassment in from of so many people – Worrying about what will happen if you say the wrong thing at the wrong time, or worrying whether people will understand your jokes and speech.

Solitude – Being at the forefront of the stage in front with all eyes on you can feel like a very lonely place (unless you are confident and encourage audience participation!).

Fear of forgetting – The fear of forgetting your "thread" and becoming confused about what you are talking about.

Lack of confidence – Fears about your knowledge of the topic you are talking about, and not being confident in your ability as a public speaker.

Fear of unanticipated questions – Being fearful of not being able to answer a question asked in front of so many people and being made to feel foolish.

Many of the pointers above are self-perpetuating problems. The more we fear something will happen, the more likely it is to happen. For example, if we fear forgetting our lines, we will try not to forget the lines, and in doing so we actually increase the chances of creating the situation we are trying to avoid (the outcome of looking foolish if we forget what we are supposed to be saying).

Do you want to stop the fear of public speaking?

overcoming fear of public speaking

By using the power of hypnotherapy, we can alter your belief systems about public speaking so that you will feel like someone who has never been afraid of it. We can break all the cycles that create so much anxiety within you when you are faced with the prospect of public speaking. We can use hypnosis to dramatically increase your confidence so that on stage you feel at ease, comfortable, relaxed and self-assured.

Would you like help to overcome the fear of speaking in public?

Please don't hesitate for contact me so that we can arrange a informal, no obligation, free consultation to allow us to discuss you specific needs.

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