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Genuine quick cures for phobias

Understandably, people commonly seek a quick cure for their phobia. We sometimes see on TV apparent miracles occuring. What is seen in these cases is the power of 'hypnotherapy' at work - and at face value quite often phobias do indeed appear to vanish with a quick session of hypnotherapy.

I am highly trained and qualified in the use of hypnotherapy as well as Pure Hypnoanalysis and there is a time and a place for either of these therapies. It is my personal belief (due to my direct experience with clients) that in the case of phobias (and indeed any symptom of anxiety) - that hypnotherapy is certainly not the way forward to allow the client to live their lives permanently free of feeling of anxiety and general feelings of being out of control.

Is there a genuine quick cure for a phobia

In short, no and yes.Phobias at face value can be 'cured' with a quick session of hypnotherapy, but I put 'cured' in inverted commas because I really mean 'patched up'. I am very confident that using hypnotherapy I could remove someones phobia of for example spiders, but, I would also be aware that would likely be a temporary fix. What I do know, is that after such a session, one of two thing will happen as detailed below.

The phobia the client consulted for never returns but will be replaced by a different (and possibly more debilitating phobia) - or worse still a completely different form of anxiety expression occurs (such as an eating disorder, OCD, IBS, addiction etc).


The phobia returns some time later. Perhaps a week, month, or even a year or so (meanwhile other forms of anxiety expression will be occuring).

... that therpist was amazing - he/she cured my phobia - I'm having trouble with eating now... but wow... I don't have my fear of spiders any more!

Anxiety is a feeling, like any other human emotion we are able to feel, and because of this, it has to be expressed. Clients quite often consult me for weight loss. I recall learning from one particular client that springs to mind, that several months ago she consulted a hypnotherapist abroad (where she was living at the time) for nail biting. She explaned that she couldn't understand why she was having problems with food, and that this had just 'come on' in the past few months. She was in awe of the therapist who stopped her nail biting habit.

Clearly, and understandably she had made no connection between stopping nail biting and developing an issue with food. To me, this is a very clear example of what is known as 'symptom substitution'. At no point had that hypnotherapist been able to deal with the cause of the nail biting (which is the bottled up emotions that cause anxiety) so the anxiety was still there - bubbling away. All that had happened is that the anxiety found a different route of expression.

By very skillful use of hypnotherapy, the phenomenon of symptom substitution can be controlled by giving deliberatedly giving a substitute symptom during the hypnotherapy session, but I would neverdo hypnotherapy to help with any symptom of anxiety if the client had anything above what I would call very low levels of anxiety. Basically this is my policy because I do not want to be responsible for making someone's life a misery in a random, yet unknown way.

Indeed, the only time when I do hypnotherapy (suggestion therapy/ clinical hypnosis) is when the client has such low levels of anxiety that they genuinely seem very 'chilled out'. Because I am then comfortable knowing that the substitute symptom I give (a symptom that will not disrupt or hold back life in any way) will take hold.

I extend this policy to my stop smoking sessions. If a client seems generally anxious - I will not conduct the session for two key reasons. Firstly, I will never do a stop smoking session unless I'm 95% sure it's going to work and secondly, because of the symptom substitution factor - I'm not interested in helping someone to stop smoking if I know that random symptom substitution is likely to take place. Yes, the client is very likely to stop smoking - but is that person really better off now that they have an addiction, or binge eat, or some other anxiety expression? I think not. All these things destroy lives and quite possibly, smoking is the better option.

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With Pure Hypnoanalysis, there is no risk of symptom substitution because we're releasing the very thing that drives this process (the anxiety). Please get in touch when you're ready to live your life free of anxiety.

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