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Panic Attack Treatment (Anxiety Attack Treatment)
at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Panic Attacks are probably one of the most horrible experiences a human being can have. Panic attacks feel like there is a great and immediate threat, a sense of impending doom - in fact it's a feeling quite literally that you might expect if you were about to be hit by a bus.

panic attack treatment manchester

I am an expert in helping people live their lives completely free of panic attacks. Therapies such as conventional hypnotherapy (suggestion therapy/ clinical hypnosis), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), psychology, counselling and psychiatry to name a few cannot free you of panic attacks and all the symptoms associated with them because none of these therapies deal with the cause of your panic attacks.

I offer the only therapy in the world that is actually able to do this. Pure Hypnoanalysis is a very unique therapy in that, unlike all other therapies, directly addresses the cause of your panic attacks, and doesn't aim to deal with the panic attack and the symptoms associated with them itself.

It makes more sense to turn off a tap if you want to stop the flow of water,
than to try and plug up the tap!

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What causes Panic Attacks?

Panic Attacks are caused by bottle up emotions, and these bottled up emotions cause anxiety. It amazes me that most professional therapists don't seem to understand this - but to me it's absolutely logical, and is indeed fact.

By the skillful use of Pure Hypnoanalysis, the cause of your panic attacks, which are bottled up emotions are released and when this happens the anxiety quite literally dissapears. When the anxiety you feel is gone, you no longer have panic attacks. This has been demonstrated time and time again in my clinic and my testimonials speak for themselves.

Symptoms of Panic Attacks / Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks

People who have panic attacks find it very difficult, if not impossible to describe what they actually feel like. This comes as no suprise to me because they are actually trying to describe the 'unknown'. However, panic attacks are without exception accompanied by several physical sensations (all of which cause increased worry and further panic). People with severe panic attacks will experience any one or all of these physical symptoms;

Increase in heart beat / Heart Palpitations.
Physical trembling / Muscle Spasm.
Difficultly swallowing (lump in the throat).
Tingling sensations.
Physical trembling.
The feeling of tightness across the chest.
Experiencing hot and cold flushes or sweating.
An horrible feeling of things getting out of control and confusion.

Would you like to live your life completely free of panic and anxiety attacks?

Some 'hypnotherapists' claim to be able to free you of you panic and anxiety attacks - but unless they are highly professional and proficient with Pure Hypnoanalysis - I'm afraid they're bending the truth. It's a fact that most hypnotherapists in the UK practice hypnotherapy (as in suggestion therapy/ clinical hypnosis) and few have even heard of Pure Hypnoanalysis. I am also a very highly qualified in the practice of clinical hypnotherapy but in truth, I very rarely use it.

I rarely use clinical hypnotherapy at my practice because I know that at best I'll be able ot help a client cope with their panic attacks a little bit better - when they leave my clinic, their life will be slightly more bearable. They would not however be completely free from their panic attacks, nor in all likelyhood will the hard work done by myself be permanent in anyway.

freedom from panic attacks

This is why I use Pure Hypnoanalysis. The majority of clients that I see have symptoms of anxiety in some form or another. I would be doing those people a total injustice to even suggest that I could 'sort them out' with hypnotherapy (clinical hypnosis) because I know I wouldn't be being completely honest. I have helped many people live their lives totally free of panic attacks - and I do mean totally - because they have finally discovered the real cause of their panic attacks. Please don't hesitate to read more about anxiety within this website. Anxiety is the single reason why people have psychosomatic symptoms (symptoms that have no medical explanation) and this anxiety is caused by bottled up emotions.

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