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Is being nervous the same as having an anxiety attack?

In short, no.

Having and anxiety attack (panic attack) is a deeply worrying experience that involves a sense of mental confusion and usually very strong physical sensations. Anxiety and panic attacks tend to occur without any warning, and importantly, for no apparent reason - this makes them a particularly harrowing experience.

Nervousness on the otherhand is a sensation of worry about something that may or may not happen. For example it would be perfectly normal to feel nervous about going on stage and performing, or indeed before having to speak in public. Nervousness is a normal human emotion that doesn't feel out of control - however - feelings of nervousness can then develop into a panic attack very rapidly if the person feeling nervous has a lot of bottled up emotions (is generally an anxious person).

A hypnothetical scenario where this could occur is as follows;

Michael is waiting to go and give a presentation to his boss. This presentation is important because if the boss is impressed, he'll get a pay rise - something he's been wanting for several years now. As he waits outside the meeting room, he feels nervous, "What if I screw my lines up?" he thinks to himself. Before you know it, Michaels running through all sorts of scenarios in his head of how he might mess things up. He begin to fear being judged negatively by his boss and imagines what that would be like - he imagines himself beginning to sweat and blush - he images beginning to freeze up in front of his boss ....

... and before you know it, Michael has a panic attack there and then.

This couldn't happen to someone who has been through successful Pure Hypnoanalysis because there everyday level of anxiety would be so low - no amount of stress or even thoughts of messing things up could push him 'over the edge' into a panic attack. Such a person might just feel a little bit nervous (if at all) with no threat whatsoever of an anxiety attack.

Pure Hypnoanalysis at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic can permanently free you of feelings of anxiety - and I do mean permanently!
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