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How is an anxiety attack (panic attack) related to stress?

Clients will often notice that the likelyhood of them suffering an anxiety or panic attack increases when they're stress and there is a very direct correlation.

People who have anxiety, feel anxious because they have a lot of bottled up emotions. To explain clearly how anxiety attacks relate to stress, I tend to give clients this analogy.

Imagine a cup of water, full to the brim with water. This is very much like someone who already has lots of anxiety (lots of bottled up emotions). I'm sure you realise it would take much to spill that water. In fact, by perhaps just moving the cup a few inches, water is likely to spill all over the place. When this water begins to spill - it's like those 'out of control' feelings of a panic attack. My point here is that if the cup is already full - it won't take much to push you over the edge and totally lose control (and the panic attack begins).

Stress in our daily lives, such as paying the bills, worrying about our children, can easily become enough to just rock that cup enough for it to begin spilling all over the place - so it's easy to see that just a little stress is enough to make that cup overflow because we only need to feel a little bit more anxious for it to all get out of control.

People who have very low anxiety (or pretty much none if they have been through Pure Hypnoanalysis) go through life with an empty cup. Can you imaging how much stress such a person could be exposed to before he/ she even gets anywhere near a panic attack? The answer is - absolutely loads of stress! In fact so much that even the most extreme levels of stress probably would get anywhere near making that cup overflow.

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