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Trichotillomania Treatment at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Treatment for hair pulling (Trichotillomania)
- compulsive hair pulling treatment

hair pulling treatment

Trichotillomania is a control disorder where the person finds him or herself compelled to pull out eyelashes, hair on the head, or hair on other parts of the body such as pubic hair. An estimated 10% of the world's population is affected by the disorder in some way.

The hair pulling activity may be carried out selectively in patches to cause as little noticeable hair loss as possible or may be non selective in how much or where the hair is pulled. Sometimes this problem just involves twiddling hair as opposed to pulling it out completely.

We've all heard of the phrase "pulling your hair out" and people will often say things like 'I'm pulling my hair out' when they're stressed. Quite commonly, when hair is pulled from the head, a habit may form of eating the follicle from the removed strand of hair. Compulsive hair pulling can include pulling pubic hair out and hair under the armpits.

Overcoming compulsive hair pulling

I practice a very specialised form of hypnotherapy known as Pure Hypnoanalysis - this has proven to be a very effective technique at permanently alleviate the symptoms of hair pulling.

Please contact me at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic so that we can arrange a completely informal, no obligation, free consultation to discuss your needs further.

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