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Stop Blushing at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

stop blushing manchester hypnotherapy

Blushing is a symptom caused by underlying anxiety. People who become aware that they are blushing are likely to find that this symptom increases feelings of anxiety and leads them to become rapidly self aware with thought of ,'Am I blushing now?'

Once blushing begins, the person is likely to find themselves in a cycle whereby the becoming aware that they are blushing, causes the symptom of blushing to become even more prevalent. This, to sufferers of these symptoms, is a feedback loop that simply increases the frequency and severity of symptoms that they didn't want in the first place.

Blushing usually starts at a place other than the face – such as the neck – then rapidly spreads to the face. When this happens anxiety levels are increased, and with that blushing intensifies, leading to feelings of embarrassment, which once again increases anxiety.

People who suffer from blushing will often make choices in life to avoid situations that they feel will make them blush, or make make lifestyle choices to cover up their symptoms.

People who blush may adopt hairstyles to cover their faces (in very much the same way that teenagers my cover up acne using their hairstyles).

People with these symptoms may also avoid physical contact with other people (for example hand shaking or sexual encounters) to avoid potential feelings of embarrassment that blushing may cause.

Why do we blush?

Blushing is a response, very much like children have, whereby a person feels that somebody knows something about them that they do not want the person to know. The problem is, the person suffering from blushing usually has absolutely no idea why they are having this response.

People usually blush when they have done something embarrassing, such as spilling their food or drink, but people are also able to express these symptoms at the thought of being in an embarrassing situation.

Overcoming blushing permanently

Pure Hypnoanalysis is the worlds leading therapy and permanently helping people resolve the bottle up emotions that are actually causing the blushing. When this happens, the blushing stops permanently. Please contact me at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic so that we can arrange a completely informal, no obligation, free consultation to discuss your needs further.

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