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Pururesis Treatment at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Overcoming Shy Bladder (Avoidant Paruresis)

There are several terms that paruresis is also known as. These include:

Bashful kindeys.
Bashful bladder
Psychogenic urinary retention.

shy bladder treatment

Shy bladder is a fairly common symptom of social phobia. People suffering from shy bladder find it very difficult or impossible to urinate in public places, such as public toilets. They may, however, not have any problems peeing in the privacy of their own homes, but if friends visit once again peeing may become very difficult.

People who suffer from shy bladder are usually shy types of people who fear being scrutinised over performance by other people in public place. People who have paruresis commonly have most difficulties in public toilets and may find that symptoms become progressively worse with time, and as they do their options of "safe" places to pee are narrowed further and further until being at home alone becomes the safest and perhaps only place where they feel comfortable to pee. This clearly can have a devastating effect on some peoples lives, an can ultimately lead to a suffering being unable to leave their 'safe place' for any long period of time.

Not all paruretics become house bound and others may have more mild symptoms, where they are able to pee in public under certain conditions. Paruresis in its mildest form may be a brief hesitation before peeing, and in its strongest form, an acute retention of urine.

Shy bladder does not necessarily restrict itself to the act of urination, it can event prevent ejaculation during sexual intercourse (although men will often find they can ejaculate during masturbation when no one else is around).

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