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Overcoming Social Anxiety (Overcoming Social Phobia)
at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

overcoming social phobia

People with social phobia (sometimes known as social phobia disorder or social anxiety disorder) tend to suffer from a complex of feelings based around the fear of being judged negatively in public. Pure Hypnoanalysis is the most effective treatment in the world for permanently resolving the feelings of social anxiety allow you to life your life completely free of these feelings.

What is Social Anxiety / Social Phobia?

Social anxiety is more often than not a fear of being watched, or indeed a feeling that someone knows something about you that you don't want them to know (despite the fact you don't know what that 'something' is that you feel they know). People with social phobia are often afraid of 'putting someone out' resulting in them often being' walked over' by people because of fear of being judged negatively if they stick up for themselves.

A person with social phobia may worry excessively whilst walking down a street because he feels that people are watching through their windows - and perhaps becomes very aware of how he is walking to try and not arouse suspicion (because he or she feels like people are judging him).

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Social anxiety often peaks people who suffer from this form of anxiety, without exception will have an intense fear of public speaking. Even the thought terrifies someone who suffers from social anxiety. The night before is sleepless, and she turns and worried about the following day. She runs through her head all the ways in which she'll fluff her lines, and imagines the embarrassment of all this. She knows that she'll be so anxious she might stutter and stammer.

Social anxiety is quite literally a fear of social situation (situations of human interaction). A young man may fear going to a party to meet new people. The though of interacting with new people scares him - he feels that the fear of him being rejected in any way at the party is too much to bare and decides to stay at home alone. He resigns himself to another night alone, in front of the television.

Most people experience some of the symptoms of social anxiety now and then; it's normal. However, social anxiety disorder consistently limits the lifestyle of those with the illness, in some cases causing them to not participate in school, avoid making friends or miss important opportunities at work. Some people with social anxiety disorder avoid all socially related situations, severely limiting their life, work and social relationships.

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What are the causes of social phobia ?

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It's suprising that so few therapists actually understand what causes social phobia. This is probably because most therapies such as CBT, EFT, psychology, psychiatry and hypnotherapy aren't generally interested in what is causing the symptoms - they just attempt to make the symptoms a little bit more manageable.

Social anxiety is caused by anxiety. This is proven to be the case because once the anxiety is released from the person suffering from social anxiety, their confidence increases rapidly and their symptoms fade away. Pure Hypnoanlysis is the only therapy in the world that can do this and it is because of this reason that I practice it. My clients get permanent life changing results.

Symptoms of social anxiety disorder

Here are some psychological symptoms that are generally associated with social anxiety disorder. Although it's impossible to list them all, some of the most common experienced are;

The fear of being in social situations - particularly those social situation in which you may be judged (or feel you may be judged).
When in a social situtation that you fear, an intense feeling of being 'out of control' is felt - and an urge to leave the siutation becomes overwhelming.
An intense fear of speaking in public is common to most people who suffer from social anxiety - without exception.

Physical symptoms of social phobia

Here are some psychological symptoms that are generally associated with social anxiety disorder. People suffering from social anxiety may commonly experience any one or a combination of the following symptoms. Although it's impossible to list them all, some of the most common are;

Pounding heart (this can be due to a panic attack).
Dry mouth.
Blushing and sweating
Shakey voice.
Muscle tension.
Paruresis (Shy Bladder).
Hair Pulling (Trichotillomania).

Treating Social Anxiety / Social Phobia

Unlike all other therapies, including conventional hypnotherapy (suggestion therapy), CBT (Cognitive Bahavioural Therapy), Psychology, Couselling and Psychiatry, Pure Hypnoanalysis can offer a permanent and total release from the feelings of social anxiety. Other therapies cannot achieve this because they do not address the root cause of the problem, so at best can only help in allowing the person with thesee feelings to cope a little bit better. However, by using Pure Hypnoanalysis, the release of the anxiety that is causing the feelings of social phobia, ends those feelings permanently.

Is it possible to permanently overcome social phobia?

In short yes. However Pure Hypnoanalysis is the only therapy in the world that can do this because it's the only therapy in the world that can release the actual cause of the feelings of social phobia. Other therapies, at best can only help you cope a bit better, because they only deal with the symptoms, and not the cause. If the cause is still there (the anxiety created by bottled up emotions) - then symptoms of one form or another will still be present.

Cure your social anxiety now.
Pure Hypnoanalysis is the only therapy that can do this - that's why I practice it!

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Pure Hypnoanalysis - the most effective treatment for social anxiety in the world

At the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic, I practice Pure Hypnoanalysis. This therapy is the absolute answer to permanently being free form the symptoms of social anxiety and social phobia. Pleas don't hesitate to contact me to arrange a free, no obligation and completely confidential chat with me so that we can meet each other and discuss your specific needs. You will find me a very relaxed, open minded, and easy going person and you can be assured that whatever your problem, I will be listenening with a very understanding ear.

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