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How to deal with Social Anxiety

When people phone the me at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic. Please often ask me for advice on how to deal with social anxiety. Potential clients will try to talk to me on the phone about a situation that is up and coming that they're worrying about and how I feel they should handle the situation.

It is very evident that many clients who suffer from the symptoms of Social Anxiety have already been through numerous therapies such as conventional hypnotherapy, psychology, CBT, NLP, EFT, psychiatry and any number of other therapies and all this has done is tried to help them cope better in specific situations.

With Pure Hypnoanalysis - you won't have to 'deal' with anything anymore!
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I quickly explain to my potential clients that when Pure Hypnoanalysis is completed, they won't have to 'deal' with anything every again. The key to what I do, and why it's so successful, is that I don't try and deal with the symptoms in any way - I go straight for the cause of the symptoms. Once this is dealt with (by the release of bottled up emotions) - the symptoms dissapear forever.

This means that there is nothing to 'deal' with anymore. Situations that used to bring on feelings of panic and anxiety, now simply feel like they do to any other person (who doesn't suffer from social anxiety).

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