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Overcome the fear of public speaking (public speaking nerves)
at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

overcome fear of public speaking

The fear of public speaking is a specific symptoms of social phobia and can be very effectively treated with Pure Hypnoanalysis. Many hypnotherapists will claim to be able to help you with hypnotherapy, which can often be the case short term, but long term the problem will not be solved. This is because hypnotherapy is only at best a temporary fix, and long term with seldom have permanent results because the underlying cause of this fear is not being dealt with.

Many clients who I have helped in the past, are already skeptical about treatment because many have already been for hypnotherapy, and it either helped a bit, or didn't help them at all. Only when I explain that the best method of treating the fear of public speaking is release the actual cause of their symptoms, do they realised that what I do is special, unique, and has permanent (life long) results).

What causes the fear of public speaking?

The fear of public speaking is caused by bottled up emotions, and these bottled up emotions cause anxiety. This specific fear evolves around a person having an intense fear of being judged when talking in front of people. It's the on going feeling that at some point they're going to make a fool of themselves (forgetting lines or being over nervous) and the people watching them are going to judge them.

Self-esteem has a big role to play in this fear because someone with relatively low self esteem looks to the outside world for approval. He/she seeks confirmation that he/she is OK for people around them. This immediately creates a nervousness, a kind of performance anxiety, because it matters a great deal to this person that the people watching the talk judge the person in a positive light.

fear of public speaking

To be able to speak in public confidently, the key is to remove the anxiety that is causing feelings of low self-esteem, and which is causing the concern over what other people think, so that confidence is restored.

If you observe people who seem to give positive and well received talks in public, they are people who seem extremenly confident. This is, largely, but not always the case, due to the fact that the person is very confident. This confidence derives from the fact that these people, at the end of the day, (and if you'll excuse my terminology), don't actually give a crap about what other people think of them. This is not arrogant, this is just confidence. Such people have high self-esteem.

Symptoms of the fear of public speaking

People who experience feelings of anxiety when speaking in public will very often experience some or all of the following feelingss;

Being in an unfamiliar situation – Apprehension exists because people seldom have the opportunity to practice the act of public speaking.

Feelings of being very self conscious – With so many people staring at you, your mind begins to drift and worry about how you are being perceived.

Fear of embarrassment in from of so many people – Worrying about what will happen if you say the wrong thing at the wrong time, or worrying whether people will understand your jokes and speech.

Solitude – Being at the forefront of the stage in front with all eyes on you can feel like a very lonely place (unless you are confident and encourage audience participation!).

Fear of forgetting – The fear of forgetting your "thread" and becoming confused about what you are talking about.

Lack of confidence – Fears about your knowledge of the topic you are talking about, and not being confident in your ability as a public speaker.

Fear of unanticipated questions – Being fearful of not being able to answer a question asked in front of so many people and being made to feel foolish.

Mastering the art of public speaking

speaking in public

For permanent (life long!) and complete confidence when speaking in public, the only permanent solutions is to effectively deal with what is causing the fears around public speaking. If you want to permanently overcome your fear of speaking in public then the only way is the release the anxiety that is actually creating the out of control feelings. Hypnotherapy can help you 'cope' a bit better, but Pure Hypnoanalysis can permanently free you of these horrible worries and feelings because this is the only therapy in the world that can deal with the actual cause of the problem.

Please contact me at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic and arrange a free 1 hour consultation. We can then discuss your specific needs and I can explain further what we need to do to permently free you of these feelings. I look forward to meeting with you.

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