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What is Pure Hypnoanalysis?

pure hypnoanalysis Manchester Hypnotherapy

Pure Hypnoanalysis is quite simple the ultimate of therapies simply because of the end result, which is total and permanent release of feelings of anxiety.

In real terms, this means that whatever symptoms the client arrived with - shortly or immediately after therapy is completed - their symptoms will become non-existent... yes you did read that correctly... their symptoms will not be a part of their lives any more. Furthermore, life will improve in the following months and years after successful hypnoanalysis.

Pure Hypnoanalysis is COMPLETELY UNIQUE to ALL other therapies

My every growing list of testimonials speak for themselves. Many clients who I see have already been through extensive therapies - including conventional hypnotherapy but still have their symptoms. I understand why. Everything in life has a cause. There are no exceptions. Symptoms such as social anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, emetophobia, irritable bowel syndrome, sexual problems, ocd, depression, eating disorders, addictions and substance abuse don't just grow in trees, there is a cause to these symptoms (and many others) too.

The cause of all these symptoms (and many others) is anxiety which exists because of bottled up emotions.

Therapies such as conventional hypnotherapy, and other therapies and technique such as CBT, NLP, counselling, psychology and psychiatry can only ever deal with the symptom itself, not the cause of the symptoms. Because of this they can at best only help someone cope a little bit better with their symptoms and life in general - but why cope when you can be free?

How would you like to completely change your life in 6 to 12 weeks?

Pure Hypnoanalysis does not take 6 months, or even years as some other therapies do (and even then the results are likely to only help you cope a bit better - and these feelings of coping better are unlikely to be permanent).

With a single one hour session per week, in 6 to 12 weeks you too can join the growing list of people who have completely and permanently transformed their lives for the better.

Pure Hypnoanalysis uncovers the REAL cause to your symptoms and allows you to life your life permanently free!

Pure Hypnoanalysis is truly life changing for many people - and the results are permanent. Indeed, because this unique therapy deals directly with the cause of the problem, and not the problem itself, when the cause is dealt with (by releasing the bottled up emotions that are causing the anxiety) - not only do the orignal symptoms go away permently, but life improves in ways not even imaginable because only when the anxiety is gone does the client then realise how much anxiety has been afftecting all areas of their lives.

With successful Pure Hypnoanalysis you can expect

a feeling of weight finally and permanently being lifted from your shoulders.
fully resolving internal anxiety.
your symptoms of fade away forever .
having a permanent sense of well-being as everything finally "makes sense".
permanent feelings of being calmer and more relaxed.
permanent feelings of being at peace with yourself.
the complete end of feeling guilty about things.
permanent feelings of being more in control of your life.
having the ability to easily move forward in life, making effortless progress.
the loss of feelings of being trapped in the past.
understanding your self and where your anxiety (really) came from.
permanent feelings of knowing yourself, feeling stronger and more grounded.

It has to be experienced to be believed!

Some people decide to go through Pure Hypnoanalytical therapy simply for personal insight, whereas others wish to be permanently free from emotions which are holding them back in life.

Some clients have specific problems that they have tried there best to deal with for many years but have never found a way to truly reach a resolution and be free of the upset and worry. Some people may have feelings like, "How could anybody understand what I'm going through?", or "How could anyone help me?"

Whatever your reasons are for viewing this website, you can be absolutely assured that I will treat you with the same approach that I take with all of my clients. You will find me warm, assuring, non-judgemental, approachable and easy-going, and your personal case will be treated in the strictest of confidence as set out by the International Association of Hypno-analysts.

Please feel free to view my frequently asked questions page and contact me at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic at any time. We can then arrange for a completely no obligation, free consultation so that we can discuss your needs further.

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