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What is hypnotherapy (conventional hypnotherapy, clinical hypnosis, suggestion therapy)?

Hypnotherapy is a therapy based on using the state of hypnosis to cause positive change. Hypnotherapy is sometimes known as 'conventional hypnotherapy', or 'clinical hypnosis', or 'suggestion therapy'. It is the skillful and careful use of suggestion to alter negative belief systems within the subconcious mind into more positive thought processes for the well being of the person being treated.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help people in many aspects of their lives, but it is largely suited to help with very simple problems such as smoking addicition, and assisting people with self improvement goals such as sports performance, exam excellence, and when people need quick fixes such as fear of flying.

As a fully qualified hypnotherapist, I am aware of the limitations of hypnotherapy, but unfortunately many other practioners of hypnotherapy don't seem to understand these limitations. Hypnotherapy is excellent at helping people with simple goals and with patching over problems in a temporary manner - it is however not very good at permanently helping people with symptoms of anxiety such as social anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, emetophobia, irritable bowel syndrome, sexual problems, ocd, depression, eating disorders, addictions and substance abuse.

Hypnotherapy IS NOT the best method for helping people with symptoms of anxiety

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful therapy for helping people in many aspects of their lives, but it is not very good at permanently allowing people to live their lives completely free of their symptoms. The reason for this is that hypnotherapy, like other therapies such as CBT, NLP, counselling, psychology and psychiatry can only ever deal with the symptom itself, not the cause of the symptoms. Only when the cause of the symptom itself is properly dealt with (be realeasing the anxiety that is caused by bottled up emotions) can the person ever be truly free of their symptoms.

Pure Hypnoanalysis is the ultimate therapy for anxiety disorders... NO other therapy comes close to achieving what it does!

As you will have learnt from my website, I am a highly qualified hypnotherapist, but clients are often quite suprised to find that I rarely use conventional hypnotherapy. I am a true believer that people should ,if possible, be able to live their lives as free as possible. I am aware of how so many other therapies work, and why so many therapies are so limited.

If you imagine a tap, and the water flowing out of the tap is anxiety, and all the problems caused by that anxiety are the spashes of water in the sink - all other therapies, including conventional hypnotherapy, are like trying to stop the flow of water by plugging up the taps spout. Clearly this isn't going to work - before you know it, waters squirting everywhere. But there's an easier way... why not just turn off the tap? Pure Hypnoanalysis as practices at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic is the only therapy in the World that can turn off that tap, completely and permenently freeing you of the symptoms caused by anxiety.

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