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Psychiatry is a blend of neuroscience, psychology, medicine, biology, biochemistry, and pharmacology. Quite often (if not always) - the result of assessment will be the administration of psychiatric drugs to try and calm the symptoms and make life more bearable.

Psychiatric drugs are never the solution to allowing a person to living their lives free of their symptoms, but can help make peoples live a bit more bearable. At no point, as with most other therapies, does psychiatry allow the person to resolve the feelings why they are feeling so anxiety, and so allow them to be completely free of the feelings that trouble them, so as best is like 'papering over the cracks'.

Pure Hypnoanalysis is the only therapy in the World that can help someone live their lives permanently free of their symptoms because it's the only therapy in the World that deals with the cause of the problem, and not the problem itself. Once the cause is deal with (which is anxiety), the symptoms go away - permanently.

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