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Counselling is a very useful therapy to help people with simple problems that occur because sometimes 'life can be a shitter'.


Quite commonly, people will experience berievement and have difficulty coping with their feelings and an experienced counsellor would be able to offer assistence to such a person. Primarily, the usefulness of counselling offers a client a 'shoulder to cry on' and this can be invaluable to someone who doesn't have a social network in place to help them.

Counselling is however very limited in what it can actually achieve in that that person being counselled can only talk about 'what they know'. The actual truth about the many problems that people can experience in life, is that most are cause by bottle up emotions that cause anxiety. These bottled up emotions exist because the person has had an experience in life that has been completely shut out of concious memory, and because of this, remains bottled up inside, festering, causing anxiety.

Crucially, no amount of talking about problems that are actually caused by anxiety will cure them of those problems - because the anxiety is not caused by something the client knows about.

What is Counselling

In a but shell, counselling is a therapy where a person talks about their problems in order to hopefully have some resolve about the conflict they are feeling.

How long does counselling take?

Counselling can take weeks or go on for years.

I don't practice counselling because I know it's completely ineffective at helping people live their lives permanently free from symptoms caused by anxiety

If counselling was effective at helping people permanently live their lives free of their symptoms, I would be practicing it right now, but it seldom (if ever) achieves this. Pure Hypnoanalysis is the only therapy in the World that can help someone live their lives permanently free of their symptoms because it's the only therapy in the World that deals with the cause of the problem, and not the problem itself. Once the cause is deal with (which is anxiety), the symptoms go away - permanently.

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