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About James - The Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

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James Froggatt PhD D.Hyp (MIAPH) is qualified to a very high level in the practice of hypnotherapy (clinical hypnosis/ suggstion therapy) and in a highly specialised therapy known as Pure Hypnoanalysis.

Most clients that visit James are expressing some form of anxiety (such as sexual problems, social anxiety, phobias) and for these people, James knows that the best course of treatment is not in fact hypnotherapy, but Pure Hypnoanalysis.

This is because hypnotherapy (despite claims made by hypnotherapists) cannot release the bottled up emotions that are causing the symptoms. Because of this, at best 'hypnotherapy' can only help you cope with your symptoms a bit better, and at worse, could clear up your original symptoms only to find that another, and possibly worse symptom takes its place. This process is known as symptom substitution, and is very real, because as no point has the cause of the symptom been dealt with (which is bottled up emotions/ anxiety).

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Pure Hypnoanalysis on the other hand, is quite simply the most amazing thing you'll ever do in your life because this therapy releases the bottled up emotions that are causing the out-of-control feelings that people with anxiety have. Once these emotions are released, they're gone and can't ever come back. What this actually means is that Pure Hypnoanalysis can cure psychosomatic symptoms (symptoms that have no medical explanation) - and is in fact the only therapy that offers this potential..

James regularly attends seminars and workshops throughout the UK to keep up to date with the very lastest understanding and knowledge thoughout the whole field of hypnotherapy. He is a full time member of the International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts. His passion for what he does can easily be seen by every client that meets him - indeed testimonials from clients speak for themselves.

James practices what he preaches and has himself been through a full course of Pure Hypnoanalysis as part of his training. This allows him to understand the process that he takes his clients through intimately. His understanding of symptoms of anxiety from sexual problems to depression, from obsessive compulsive disorder to fears and phobias is second to none. He understands that most phychologists, counsellors, psychiatrists and even hypnotherapists don't have a clue about what anxiety really is, and more importantly, how to get rid of it permanently.

Many clients that James sees have already been through a wide range of therapies. Probably the most common therapy that people have tried with no permanent satisfactory results is CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). James has helped countless people suffering from Emetophobia for example, to be completely and utterly free of their symptoms in 6 to 12 session of Pure Hypnoanalysis. These same clients had previously been through thousands of pounds worth of CBT.

James understands why therapies such as CBT, psychology, counselling, psychiatry, EFT (and others) could never realisitically completely free people of their symptoms - and will at best help them cope. The secret is simple, and very real; people are not born with anxiety or symptoms of anxiety - something has caused those feelings to occur - and more importantly - these feelings are buried and bottled up to such an extent that NO amount of intellectual talking (such as counselling/ psychology) will ever release those feelings.

When you meet James, you'll be amazed at how comfortable you feel, his unique and very open minded outlook to all aspects of life will never leave you feeling unaccepted or rejected. James commonly helps people from all races, ages, sexualities, gender and indeed has helped high profile personelle. You can be absolutely assured of complete and total confidentiality. Any notes that are taken during your time with me are destroyed at the end of therapy. If you require specific anonymity (celebrities/ high profile personelle), I am more than happy to accomodate you.

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