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Avon Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy and hypnosis practice in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire, UK. Anxiety, weight loss, stop smoking, vaginismus, emetophobia, social phobia

Paul Douglass - IAPH Analytical Hypnotherapist (Hypnoanalyst)
UK hypnotherapist Paul Douglass, specialising in anxiety, stopping smoking, emetophobia, social phobia (social anxiety) and stress in Cambridge

Anxiety Matters - Help, information and resources on anxiety
Information on anxiety, and the treatments for anxiety such as hypnotherapy (hypnosis) and ‘pure’ hypnoanalysis.

Pixel Webs – Website Design for Therapists
PixelWebs is website design company specialising in web design for therapists.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy
Stop smoking hypnotherapy. One to one hypnosis sessions with a hypnotherapist, or download an mp3 stop smoking session. Information on CDs.

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