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Motivation hypnosis at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

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Many hypnotherapist don't seem to understand what motivation actually is, and therefore don't understand how to fully use the powers of hypnosis to create effective change in people. There are a number of reasons why someone may not feel motivated to do something, or indeed stop doing something, and in some cases this can at first sight appear quite complex.

What is motivation?

Motivation is out urge to do something, or stop doing somthing, and the power of this urge is directly proportional to the incentive. For example, someone may wish to train to run the London marathon, but doesn't feel motivated to do so. This lack of motivation will be due to one of two reasons.

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The first reason, is that the person may 'want' to train for the London marathon, but actually lacks incentive. If the benefits of not training out-weight the benefits of training, then the person will lack motivation. For example, such person may want to get fitter, and as a result want to train for the marathon, but on the other hand, would quite like to stay in an watch TV, if there is more perceived benefit to staying in and not training, then the goal of training for a marathon will go out the window.

If however, the person was training for the marathon to raise money for a charity that will help someone he or she loves, then there is plenty of incentive to do so, and it's likely that training will commence as planned without any problems.

Most people don't have a tangible incentive, and are therefore not motivated

People who find themselves lacking in motivation, will very commonly have lots of good reasons to do something (or stop doing something) - but will actually have no tangible incentive to do it (or stop doing it).

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A good example of this is when people start a diet (to lose weight) but then fail. Most people will start a diet because they want to lose weight. The problem with this approach is that there's no real trangible benefit right now from doing so. If you think about it, what actually happens when people start a diet, is that they give up lots of foods that they love, for nothing in return.

People often fail diets because although it seems like a good idea to begin with, after a few weeks they re-assess the situation with questions in their minds such as 'Should I go out jogging today and have a salad, or should I stay in, watch TV and have a Pizza?'. If at any point the Pizza option seems a better one, then the Pizza wins and the diet fails.

However, let's throw in a silly example. What if, right now, I were to give you £100,000 on the condition that you stick to your diet for a whole year, and if at any point you stray from it, you have to give me every penny back? Now the situation is very different because you have a tangible incentive to continue. The benefits of sticking to your diet complety out weight the benefits of not sticking to it - suddenly yo have no problems with motivation whatsoever!

Motivation is all about tangible incentives

To feel motivated to do something, there must be a tangible incentive (a tangible reason) to do so. By tangible, I mean a benefit you receive right now for doing something. Not a benefit you'll receive in some vague time in the future - I mean right now. What this means is that when you weigh up in your mind whether you should continue on the journey toward your goal, or bottle out, the incentive to continue toward your goal completely outweights any benefit to stopping. This results in massive motivation.

The skillful use of hypnosis can create all the incentive you need!

By using hypnosis skillfully, all the immediate and tangible incentives can be given, so that your mind receives all the benefits of your desired goal now. What then occurs is that you can effortlessly travel towards your goal with no conflict, your motivation will be abundant and seemingly endless.

Anxiety also play a role in motivation

achieve your goals

It's worth noting, that sometimes, people have difficulties feeling motvated to do things they want to do because they feel that 'something is holding them back'. An example in the case of dieting is that they feel they're simply not worth losing weight to look good, or be being healthier, and this is an example of how low self-esteem can hold someone back. This sense of 'being held back' is in fact a symptom of anxiety, and in this case, Pure Hypnoanalysis would definately be the best option because this therapy will get to the root cause of the motivation problem (the bottled up emotions that are causing the anxiety which in turn causes feelings of being 'held back').

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