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Gambling Addiction treatment (overcoming gambling addiction)
at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

gambling addiction treatment

With a advent of the internet, an increasing number of people are finding themselves in a situation where their gambling habit has become totally out of control. Internet gambling addiction is one of the most common forms of addiction that I treat people for. Many clients who I see who are in such a situation already feel that things are 'at their end' - largely because they've already been through therapies such help system such as GA (Gamblers Anonymous).

Indeed many clients, before coming to see me for successful treatment with Pure Hypnoanalysis, have also been for extensive conventional hypnotherapy, psychology, counselling and other such therapies (including techniques such as NLP).

I'm not suprised that most therapies fail at helping gamblers

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I personally don't know of a single gambler who has been successfully treated with any therapy other than Pure Hypnoanalysis. When I say successfully - I mean that they're now living their lives completely free of their out of control feelings about gambling. It is true, that some 'help and support systems' and some therapies may help a compulsive gambler to 'cope' a bit better - but I personally don't know of anyone who has been completely freed of their symptoms with any of these support system or therapies.

Pure Hypnoanalysis is very unique. All other therapies at best will help yoou cope a bit better - Pure Hypnoanalysis can set you completely free of your compulsion.
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It's only when you really understand what is causing the 'out of control' feelings that lead to compulsive gambling that it becomes easy to understand why other therapies fail where Pure Hypnoanalysis suceeds.

What causes compulsive gambling?

Very few professionals seem to understand what actually causes compulsive gambling - so it comes as no suprise to me that there are no many ineffective treatments available for these symptoms. The fact of the matter is that anxiety causes compulsive gambling. Furthermore, anxiety is caused by bottled up emotions. Only, and only when these emotions are released will you be free of these out-of-control feelings that drive you to gamble.

It is likely that you believe quite differently to the paragraph above. You may for example believe that your gambling is caused by, "A time when I won lots of money at the dogs" or whatever, but I assure you - whatever you think is causing your gambling problem is not the real cause.

Gambling addiction is a cycle of exitement, loss and guilt.

People who are addicted to gambling feel compelled to gamble - it's as though there was something inside of them and out of their control - which in fact is closer to the truth than you may think. Indeed, this feeling of something being 'our of control' is in fact the very thing that is causing the gambling addiction - anxiety.

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Many hypnotherapists will offer conventional hypnotherapy to help people with gambling addictions - but this is an absolute non-sense because the real reason for the compulsive behaviour is being allowed to exist unchecked. This is why conventioanl hypnotherapy is not effective at helping people live their lives completely free of their compulsive gambling - at no point are the emotions that are actually causing gambling released. At best, conventional hypnotherapy might help someone cope a bit better - but this effect would be temporary. Unfortunately, the most likely outcome would be replacement of the gambling addiction with another compulsive activity such as smoking or over eating.

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Many hypnotherapists will offer a bit of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) thrown in for good measure. NLP like suggestion therapy (clinical hypnosis) are very much like 'painting over the cracks''. I'm guessing that most people with gambling addiction problems want to be completely free of these symptoms, not just coping a bit better, and Pure Hypnoanalysis is the only therapy in the world that can do this.

Using conventional hypnotherapy or techniques such as NLP for gambling addiction is in my view completely immoral and wrong because these therapies and technique do not, and cannot completely free someone of their gambling addiction.

I am interested in curing people of their addictions, not interested in replacing one compulsive behaviour for another, or indeed just teaching 'coping mechanisms'. I aim to completely free my clients of the real driving forces (the cause) of their compulsive gambling behaviour and so allow them to permanently live happier more prosperous lives.

The most effective Gambling Addiction Treatment in the world
at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Because compulsive gambling is actually caused by anxiety, the treatment of gambling addiction is relatively simple in that we don't need to go through trying to unravel all the psychology of why a person is gambling, how it feels, and all the psycho-babbel that will go with it - all we need to do is release the emotions (the anxiety) that is causing the gambling addiciton.

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Clients who I have helped in the past simple cannot believe the effectiveness of Pure Hypnoanalysis until they've been through it. Some clients (ex-gamblers) have spent many years searching for ways of overcoming their gambling addiction and they find that once they've been through this therapy successfully (this usually happens in 6 to 12 one hour session) they don't need to try to control their habit, and they don't even find they're coping a bit better with their symptoms - because their symptoms simply don't exist any more. They are finally completely free of their gambling addiction.

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