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Fees (2008)

Free Initial Consultation

In order for me to assess how I can help you, I offer a free, no obligation, and completely informal 30 minute or so consultation before arranging an appointment for hypnotherapy. Please note that no form of hypnotherapy is used during this initial consultation and that a free consultation is not normally necessary for smoking cessation. Please contact me now to arrange your consultation.

Suggestion Therapy

A single powerful session for relaxation, confidence boosting, weight loss, nail biting, interview/driving test nerves, fear of needles, help with golf or other sporting activities, etc. - from £95 per session.

Blowaway Technique (Hypnotherapy for children)

A single powerful session for children or teenagers to deal with a wide variety of problems such as aspergers, school phobias, or bed wetting. All sessions involving having a parent present to assist the session - £95 per session.

Stop Smoking Easily Session

Quit smoking easily in one single session.
£195 for the session (session takes about 1 hour but can sometimes take 2 hours). This is a limited offer price - the usual price of this session is £350.

Hypnoanalytical Therapy (Hypno-analysis, Analytical Hypnotherapy)

Find and resolve the causes of problems, phobias and anxiety using this gentle and special type of therapy - £75 per session (about 1 hour) - please note that occasionally these session may be slightly over 1 hour (at no extra charge). These sessions usually conclude in 6 to 12 sessions, and result in permanent release of underlying anxiety and permanent freedom from expressed symptoms.

Fees are payable at the end of each session using cheque or cash.

Please get in touch with James now by email by clicking here.

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