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Emetophobia treatment
(Overcome the fear of vomiting and sick / Fear of being sick)
at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

emetophobia treatment

Emetophobia (commonly mispelt as Emetephobia or Emetaphobia and also known as 'Vomiting Phobia',) is a very common phobia that I successfully treat in my clinic. Many clients who I see with symptoms of Emetophobia have already been through extensive treatments of conventional hypnotherapy (suggestion therapy/ clinical hypnosis) or/and extensive treatments of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) - and still they have their symptoms.

To me, this comes as no suprise because conventional hypnotherapy, CBT, psychology, psychiatry, NLP, and any other therapy you care to think of cannot cure Emetophobia but Pure Hypnoanalysis can completely and permanently remove the symptoms of Emetophobia.

What is Emetophobia?

Emetophobia (emetephobia, emetaphobia) is fundamentally a fear of vomit and sick. It often extends into the fear of thoughts about vomit, including fears of places when vomit and sick may be found (such as hospitals/ children's nurseries). The actual feelings of Emotophobia are exactly the same as a panic attack and may involve one or all of the following symptoms;

Increase in heart beat / Heart Palpitations
Physical trembling / Muscle Spasm
Difficultly swallowing (lump in the throat)
Tingling sensations
Physical trembling
The feeling of tightness across the chest
Experiencing hot and cold flushes or sweating
An horrible feeling of things getting out of control and confusion

This phobia becomes particularly debilitating when a sufferer is planning to have/ or about to have children (because of the likelyhood of being exposed to vomit) and as a result can severely damage child-mother/ child-father interaction. Furthermore, people suffering from Emetophobia become increasingly anxious when a 'bug' is going around such as the Norovirus in early 2008 because the sufferer is likely to experience vomit and sick in a very personal way. All people suffering from Emetophobia are intensely scared of vomiting and the feelings of fear feel very deep indeed.

Why is Pure Hypnoanalysis so unique to other therapies in permamently removing the symptoms of Emetophobia?

help with emetophobia

Pure Hypnoanalysis is the only therapy in the world that deals with the cause of Emetophobia. No other therapy aims to, or can actually do this.

The cause of Emetophobia is bottled up emotions, these emotions cause anxiety, and this anxiety causes the Emetophobia. No therapy other than Pure Hypnoanalysis can release the anxiety that is causing the symptoms of Emetophobia.

A very simple analogy for what other therapies try to do as compared to Pure Hypnoanalysis is this: Imagine a tap of running water. The water (your out of control emotions) are flowing because of the tap (the anxiety). Without the tap being present, there couldn't be any water could there?

If a therapist attempts to permanently remove the symptoms of Emetophobia with therapies such as conventioanl hypnotherapy, CBT, psychology, counselling, psychiatry and even technique such as NLP - he/ she will fail. This is through no fault of the therapist, it's simply because these therapies only get as far as dealing with the symptom itself - it's like trying to turn of the flow of water from the tap by sticking tissue paper in the taps nozel. Clearly that's not going to work is it?! At the very best - the person with Emetophobia will now just be coping a little bit better with the symptoms - that to me is not good enough. I want my clients to be absolutely free from Emetophobia and that's why I practice Pure Hypnoanalysis.

Let's turn off the tap altogether! That makes far more sense!
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Pure Hypnoanalysis is able to completely release the anxiety that is actually causing the Emetophobie. It's like turning of that tap altogether - which if you think about it - makes far more sense doesn't it?

Permanently overcoming Emetophobia - curing Emetophobia

overcoming emetophobia

Pure Hypnoanalysis is the only therapy in the world that can permanently release a sufferer of Emetophobia from the horrible feelings involved. Please contact me immediately so that you can come and meet me for a free consultation to learn more about this amazing therapy which unlike all the other therapies that you've probably tries (including 'conventional hypnotherapy') will allow you to live your life permanently free of these symptoms.

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