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Stop Binge Eating (compulsive overeating) at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

What is Binge Eating (compulsive overeating)?

Binge eating (or "Binge Eating Disorder") is an eating disorder that is similar in some ways to Bulimia nervosa but tend not to purge after eating.

the key danger with people who binge eat, is that after a long period of time eating foods that are in excess of their daily energy requirements, clinical obesity will occur. A general state of unfitness and unhealthyness will result which then leads to problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease and other such serious conditions.

Compulsive overeating differs from binge eating in that people who compulsively overeat commonly do this at times when they have no hunger. This can clearly grey and blur the line between these two condition and forutnately definitions don't matter a bit when it comes to permanently helping people overcome these symptoms with Pure Hypnoanalysis.

People who compulsively over eat may find themselves having this condition sporadically, or may find they compulsively overeat in cycles or when they feel stressed. People who compulsively overeat commonly feel 'out of control' whilst overeating and are commonly overweight. This over-feeding, is almost without exception accompanied by feelings of shame and guilt.

Signs and symptoms of Binge Eating

Having late night sessions consuming food.
Eating food rapidly than could be considered normal.
Eating until full and then beyond feeling satisfied.
Eating food secretly to avoid embarrassment.
The feeling of being controlled by food/ drawn to food.
Feelings of shame and guilt once large amounts of food have been consumed.
Feeling bad about the food that has just been consumed with no desire to purge.

Causes of Binge eating

Binge eating and compulsive overeathing are not very well understood by many professionals, indeed some even seem to lack understanding about what actually causes it. People who suffer from symptoms of these conditions do so because of bottled up emotions that cause anxiety. Although the symtoms of these condisiotns are about food, the disorder actually exists because of feelings and emotions that are locked up inside. It's comes as no surprise that many clients who I have helped live their lives permanently free of these symptoms have, before coming to see me, been through years (in many cases) of other therapies! This is simply because other therapies never get to the root of the problem - fortunately Pure Hypnoanalysis can, can does!

Binge eating treatment - permanently overcome binge eating

Pure Hypnoanalysis is the Worlds best form of therapy for permanently releasing bottled up emotions that are . All other therapies available only ever try to deal with the symptoms of Anorexia, not the cause of the symptoms - it's no wonder that most clients who i have freed from the symptoms have previously been through years of other therapies!

Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic, I can help you to be permanently free from the symptoms of Anorexia nervosa allowing you to live your life as you wish, and allow you to allow yourself to eat healthily and have the nutrition your body deserves. Please feel free to contact me at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic for a no obligation free consultation to discuss how I am able to help you with this condition.

Can you imagine your life free from binge eating?
Pure Hypnoanalysis is the only therapy in the world that can do this for you.

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