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Bulimia nervosa treatment at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

What is Bulimia Nervosa?

Bulimia nervosa is an anxiety disorder involving the consumption of food (generally as a binge) and this food consumption is often followed by feelings of guilt, depression and self-hate or condemnation.

To relieve these feelings, the compensatory action of purging the food just consumed follows (by forced vomiting, laxatives, enemas, diruetics). The actions of fasting and over exercising are also commonly used as compensatory behaviours to try and make the feelings of guilt (etc) subside. Commonly, the purging of food is done is private, so that the condition goes undetected by others, and is, almost without exception, accompanied by feelings of shame and guilt. People with this condition may excessively exercise in order to fend off the potential of gaining weight, and this accompanied with purging of consumed food, can lead to serious health problems due to nutritional deficiencies.

People who live with people with this condition, may not notice that their friend/ family member has an eating disorder as outward signs are not always that noticable. Unlike people suffering from Anorexia, their weight may just fluctuate and may not lose weight so dramatically.

Bulimia nervosa signs and symptoms

There are a number of symptoms that a sufferer of Bulimia is likely to experience, also there are a number of signs that people may notice of someone who has Bulimia:

Frequent weight changes.
Tooth decay caused by excessive vomiting (Bulimia nervosa teeth).
Poor skin condition and possible hair loss.
Lethargy and tiredness.
Irregular ‘periods’ or loss of interest in sex.
Uncontrollable urges to eat vast amounts of food.
Increased risk of heart problems and problems with other internal organs.
Distorted perception of body weight and shape.
Sore throat from stomach acid due to forced vomiting during purging.
Food going missing in the house.
Binge eating in private before purging food.
Taking laxatives to purge after binge eating.
Vomiting food after binge eating.
Excessively exercising.
Feelings of low self-esteem.
Feelings of shame and guilt about the subject matter of food.
Emotional behaviour and mood swings.

Causes of Bulimia nervosa

Bulimia nervosa doesn't seem to be very well understood by most professional in as much that few seem to know what causes it, and even fewer understand how to treat it effectively.

Bulimia nervosa is caused by bottled up emotions, and these bottled up emotions are feelings of anxiety. It is these emotions that drive the out of control feelings of Bulimia nervosa and unless these feelings of properly dealt with (released), the symptoms of Bulimia will persist.

No therapy other than Pure Hypnoanalysis can permenently remove the symptoms of Bulimia nervosa because no other therapy aims to effectively deal with the real cause of the symptoms. Some therapies may attempt to deal with the feelings behind Bulimia nervosa but no therapy other the Pure Hypnoanalysis can actually achieve this. Please compare other therapies to Pure Hypnoanalysis, learn which this therapy is completely unique to all other therapies, and learn why even conventional hypnotherapy cannot permamently free you from the symptoms of Bulimia.

Pure Hypnoanalysis - the worlds most effective treatment for Bulimia nervosa

Other therapies don't come close to what Pure Hypnoanalysis achieves. Other therapies that aim to help people with Bulimia nervosa inevitably aim at dealing with the symptoms, and not the cause of the symptoms themselves.

At best, other therapies may help people cope with their symptoms a bit better (an optimistic result from several months of CBT treatment for example), because that's all they're designed to do. Their limitations are that firstly, most professionals don't understand that Bulilmia nervosa is caused by anxiety, and this anxiety can be permanently removed/released using Pure Hypnoanalysis.

Do you want to be free from Bulimia nervosa?
Pure Hypnoanalysis is the only real way forward for permanent results.

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