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Anorexia nervosa treatment at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

What is Anorexia nervosa?

"Anorexia nervosa" translated literally means a "‘loss of appetite for nervous reasons", but this definition is not entirely accurate to what it really is.

Anorexia tends to be anything between and mild to chronic ongoing voluntary self starvation - which is due to absolute and obsessional fear of putting on weight (generally becoming fat). Indeed, someone suffering from Anorexia will have a highly distorted body image, meaning he or she may be dangerously under weight - he she still feels fat - and so continues to deprive the body of food and thus problems resulting from nutritional deficit can occur.

Compounding the problem of not eating anough food, the sufferer may carry out intensive exercise to burn of what is perceived as excess calories. People with the condition of Anorexia find that this food obsession is a way of feeling that they are in control of their body shape and weight.

Sustained periods of time without sufficient nutrition will take its toll on the mentality of the sufferer. Inadequate nutrition will also lead to the brain being malnurished - this can lead to distorted and irrational thinking that may lead to further restrictions in diet. At it's worst, Anorexia at its most severe may lead to full bodily malfunction and can lead to death.

Many people with this eating disorder will experience it to varying degrees, from mild control of diet to heavy restriction of normal nutritional needs. The problem with this condition is that it can easily spiral out of control to the point at which very serious health problems occur.

Anorexia nervosa symptoms

There are a nymber of psychological and physical symptoms that are likely to be experienced by someone suffering from Anorexia nervosa. These are;

Low or non existent sex drive.
Increased rick of osteoporosis.
Loss of hair.
Damage to bodily tissues so to lack of nutrition.
Substantial or extreme weight loss.
Constipation/ poor bowel movement/ stomach and abdominal pains.
Skin and extremities feeling cold due to poor circulation.
Discolouration of the skin.
Intense fear of gaining weight and obsessive interest in what others are eating.
The awareness of an 'inner voice' that challenges view on eating and exercise.
Mood swings and varying personalities.
Complete denial that the person with the condition has a problem.
Perception of own body weight and shape not being real or distorted.
An intense interest in what other people eat.
An intense fear of being over weight.

Causes of Anorexia nervosa

Anorexia seems to be very misunderstood by many professionals, indeed some even seem to lack understanding about what actually causes it. People who suffer from Anorexia Nervosa do so because of bottled up emotions that cause anxiety. Although the symtoms of Anorexia are about the control of food, the disorder actually exists because of feelings and emotions that are locked up inside.

Treatment of Anorexia nervosa

Pure Hypnoanalysis is the Worlds best form of therapy for permanently releasing bottled up emotions and therefore permanently curing the symptoms. All other therapies available only ever try to deal with the symptoms of Anorexia, not the cause of the symptoms - it's no wonder that most clients who i have freed from the symptoms have previously been through years of other therapies!

At the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic, I can help you to be permanently free from the symptoms of Anorexia nervosa allowing you to live your life as you wish, and allow you to allow yourself to eat healthily and have the nutrition your body deserves. Please feel free to contact me at the Huddersfield and Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic for a no obligation free consultation to discuss how I am able to help you with this condition.

Do you want to be free from Anorexia nervosa?
Pure Hypnoanalysis can free you permanently from these symptoms
- no other therapy can.

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