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Marijuana Abuse Treatment at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

marijuana treatment manchester hypnotherapy

Marijuana is known by several names, these include hash, skunk, shit, solids, squidgy, squidgy black, bud, cannabis and generally comes in two forms. These are as the raw plant material (e.g. skunk) or as pollen collected from female flowers which is pressed into 'solids' or 'hash'. Marijuana can be ingested (commonly baked into cakes) or smoked in a 'joint' (sometimes known as a 'spliff' or 'dooby').

The effect of marijuana

The effect of marijuana is commonly said to be a 'high' but this is not always the case. The important factor in marijuana that determines whether a 'high' is experienced or indeed a more numbing 'low' is the ratio of two key psychoactive chemicals in the originating plant material. These chemicals are known as THC (chemically known as Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (chemically known as cannabidiol).

If plant material (raw flower heads) are smoked, a 'high' may be experienced if the plant is of the skunk variety for example (high THC levels) but a more numbing/dulling effect may be experienced if plant material is consumed of a lower THC content plant. Indeed whether a 'high' or 'low' is experienced depends also on the overall ratio of THC to CBD. Plant material with a high CBD content has a more numbing dulling psychoactive effect (sometimes known as 'mongy') and produces heavy bodily sensations and the characteristic effect of 'red eye' (the eyes appear glazed and blood shot). High CBD content marijuana or hash commonly produces an effect that equates more to taking substances such as tranquilizers that having anything to do with being 'high'


As mentioned, marijuana of a high THC content gives people the experience of 'being high'. Physical touch may be more senstive - leading people to experience more pleasure during physical contact/sexual contact. Commonly the auditory sense is increased dramatically making listening to music very pleasurable. Amongst other effect, one may experience a sense of 'well being' and anxiety appears to be lowered. Commonly however, marijuana can in fact increase levels of anxiety unless one is very comfortable with 'being high' - this is highly dependent on who the substance is consumed with, and where.

Unpleasant effects can be experienced with marijuana when other recreational drugs are consumed at the same time. For example, people may experience paranoia during very high doses of marijuana, particuarly when taken with hallucinogenic substances such as magic mushrooms, LSD or cocaine.

Marijuana of any type will generally result in a total lack of motivation as one becomes comfortable with boredom but many clients who take marijuana will admit that it seems to make life easier because it cuts them off from having to deal with their own problems. Mariuana, as with any drug, when used over a prolonged period of time will cause a dissociation and separation from reality which, over a prolonged period, could cause psychological problems - occasional use doesn't seem to do much damage whatsoever though (other than physical damage from smoking).

It is important to note however that the effects of prolonged or even short term use are entirely dependent on the person who is taking the substance. Some people can smoke/consume (for example hash cakes) for years and suffer apparently no mental damage whatsoever, whereas other people may experience 'flipping out' where the completely lose self awareness altogether for a brief period of time. This 'flipping out' seems to be caused by association of the substance with having a 'bad one' (a bad previous exerience) on substances such as LSD.

Psychological problems with Marijuana

People who consume marijuana on a very regular basis may be doing so in order to not face up to something. This can be common to any person who takes drugs regularly. Since consuming (smoking or eating) marijuana has the effect of 'softening the edges' the user may unknowlingly (unconciously) be 'softening the edges' of something that really shouldn't be softened and should be faced up to.

Help with Marijuana use

If you have concerns over your marijuana use, you are welcome to get in touch with me for a fully confidential and free consultation. We can then meet and I will inform you how I may be of assistence to you. Please contact me by email or phone my mobile directly on 07908 251654. I look forward to hearing from you.

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