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Magic Mushroom Abuse Treatment at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

'Magic mushrooms' commonly describes the mushroom 'Liberty Cap' (Psilocybe semilanceata) in the UK although there are many mushrooms in nature that have similar effects. The main psychoactive chemical in such mushrooms is psilocybin which is a psychedelic alkaloid of the tryptamine family.

The effects of magic mushrooms

magic mushroom

People on magic mushrooms commonly experience a 'deep connection to nature' and often find themselves appreciating nature to extreme levels. This may be accompanied by a deep sense of connection to those who are also present in the experience and sometimes, but not always, uncontrolable hilarity. The experience of magic mushroom is commonly termed a 'trip' as is the experienece of LSD or other hallucinogenic substances. Sometimes 'trips' can go wrong whereby the 'tripper' experiences very bad hallucinations, feelings - and commonly intense paranoia.

Bad trips generally occur when magic mushrooms are taken in a non supportive environment, or with others who are inexperienced with the substance or are not mature enough to behave respectfully and harmoniously with each other. Bad trips at worse can profoundly alter perception in to a state of apparent 'permanence' (such as not feeling the same about ones friends long after the 'trip' has ended and even long after the drug has been metabolised from the body).

Because the effects of psilocybin are so diverse and sometimes extremely seemingly complex, it's very difficult to write in any abbreviated way about how I may be able to help someone with concerns about this substance. The propensity for a 'bad trip' is very dependent on the environment in which the substance is taken (the physical environment and people present) and also on the psychological state of the person.

Some people take psylocybin as an escape from 'reality' (something which this substance does very effectively) and others take it occasionally simply to feel more 'connected' with nature.

Help with magic mushroom abuse

If you have any concerns about magic mushrooms, or feel you are addicted to them in any way (although this substance is not actually addictive in any chemical sense) - then please feel free to contact me confidentially and I will offer any assistence that I can.

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