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Heroin Abuse Treatment at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Heroin is part of the opiod family. It mimics the bodies natural endorphins and produces a pronounced sense of well being. Upon continues use, heroin is found to be highly addictive and tolerence to the substance requires ever increasing doses to experience the 'same' state that is required to feel 'fixed'.

heroin abuse treatment manchester hypnotherapy

Heroin is a highly destructive substance in a social sense, and will lead to withdrawal from society - and stigma will label a heroin user as a 'junkie'. Due to the highly addictive nature of this substance, use can and will often lead to a downward spiral.

As a hypnoanalytical therapist, it is very hard to help anyone on heroin unless there is an unbending desire to be clean and be free of the substance. Indeed fees alone will usually prevent someone addicted to heroin ever seeking any professional therapeutic advice - simply because, due to the high level of addiction, if given the choice between spending money on help, and spending money on the drug - the choice is usually the latter.

Indeed, if the user is seeking help, then the first point of call should be a General Practitioner. Drugs are available to take to ween of heroin addiction and there is potential during this time for hypnoanalytical therapy to take place. Quite often, if the drug has been used by intravenous means (injection) - addiction will be so strong that drugs will be needed to help you overcome the initial phases of 'come down'.

Heroin use is pretty much like pressing a 'self distruct' button. There is also usually a very good reason underneath the addiction as to why the person took the substance in the first place. This reason is most often a subconcious drive to avoid facing up to problems that can be dealt with through Pure Hypnoanalyical therapy.

If you are seeking help with your addiction, then I will be happy to liase with your GP. Ultimately it is your decision of whether you want to transform your life and be free of heroin but I will be happy to consult with you if you absolutely and genuinely want to move your life to a better place.

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