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Drug Abuse Treatment at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Using Pure Hypnoanalysis, I have successfully helped people who have various drug addiction problems get their lives back on track and gain back their control. I have successfully treated people with alcohol problems (who have in fact been through years of other treatments in some cases), people addicted to cocaine, people addicted to heroin, and people who are concerned that their use use of softer drugs may be becoming slightly out of control.

There is a great deal of misinformation about drugs in the media such TV and the internet, and information regarding drug use commonly meets with a lack of understanding of why people take drugs in the first place.

'Drugs are bad' - ... but are they really?

Society and social views will often meet with an outright 'drugs are bad' policy which derives generally from an ignorant point of view - because let's face it - if 'drugs were bad' - nobody would be doing them!

It would be very hard to convince someone in a night club on Ecstasy that 'drugs are bad' simply because for all intent and purposes they are not having a bad time at all - indeed most likely, they are having the most wonderful time that they've ever had in their lives..

Misinformation can become very confusing for people who find themselves dependent on them in some way (for example as a means of escapism). Please understand I do not condone illegal activities in these writings - but I present a very realistic view of drug use/ abuse/ and addiction. My role as a hypnoanalytical therapist is not to judge - I am simply to help.

From my experience as a hypnotherapist and indeed life, some drugs are more commonly used than others. I have helped people in the past who are having problems with Alcohol, Marijuana (Cannabis/ skunk/ squidy black/ hash etc.), Ecstast, Amphetamine, Cocaine, LSD, Magic Mushrooms, Heroin and Ketamine.

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If you want help, and feel out of control with any drug whether illegal or legal,
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