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Cocaine Abuse Treatment at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Cocaine is a stimulant of the central nervous system and is also an appetite supressant. Effects generally are short lived and commonly upon snorting the substance generally only last about 20 minutes. Because of the short life, dependency on cocaine can be very expensive and may lead to family degredation and other social problems.

cocaine abuse treatment

When cocaine intake is stopped after a period of time, like many drugs, a harsh 'come down' is often experienced. Due to the stimulating effects of the substance, if it has been taken over a prolonged period of time, a shear state of absolute exhaustion (possibly coupled with sedatives) needs to be achieved before sleep can finally occur. This is also true when amphetamine is taken over a prolonged period. Habitual users may experience manic-like conditions and severe paranoia.

Cocaine typically cuts off ones feelings from surrounding people. Indeed, people on cocaine often report, upon careful introspection, of not even being in touch with their own feelings. Typically, users who are usually aware of feelings (such as empathic/ understanding feelings) will report people 'feeling like 2-dimensional cardboard'. To people who are not 'on' cocaine, cocaine users commonly seem arrogant, insensitive, and generally annoying. To the cocaine user though - he/she commonly feels 'on top of the world' and very much 'in control'.

Cocaine can be a very real escapists drug of choice. If one has many internal problems to deal with, and isn't ready to face up to them, cocaine can easily give a way out - cutting oneself off from ones own feelings - and making everything seem 'right' again.

Commonly, people who go through hypnoanalytical therapy (providing they are fairly infrequent users) - will decide not to take the substance again, as there are no feelings left that are unpalatable to face and deal with. If you would like to contact me for a free consultation regarding cocaine use/abuse, then feel free to do so.

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