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Help with LSD Abuse at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

lsd abuse

LSD (Lisergic acid diethethylamide) (sometimes known as 'acid') is an extremely potent psychoactive hallucinogen and has an effect on humans at doses as low as 20 µg (20 millionths of a gram). Depending on body weight of the taker, LSD can create virtually any psychoactive effect imaginable - from mild hullicinations to extreme separation from any sense of 'reality'.

The effects of LSD

LSD creates what is classically known as a 'trip' - this is effectively an experience that cannot be created by concious effort alone (i.e. without the drug).

The broad scope of effects of this drug make it both very unpredictable, and potentially very dangerous. 'Bad trips' on acid can commonly go very bad indeed. However, on the flip side, one may experience and marvel at unimaginably vivid hallucinations, unique sensory experiences and other perceptive distortions that would seem completely alien to 'normal' perceptive limits. These sensory disortions can continue for many hours and also remain 'pleasant' (if the user is lucky) - resulting in a 'good trip'.

A 'trip' on acid will generally result in visual distortions (hallucinations) and may well be accompanied with auditory hallucinations and indeed distortions in feelings themselves and the very fabrric of 'existence'. Sensory perceptions may become mixed and confused - sometimes to interesting effect (e.g. on a 'good trip'), othertimes to shear horror (e.g. on a 'bad trip').

People on acid may report 'hearing light', or 'feeling sound' (to a level where individual frequencies of sounds can be experienced using any number of senses to a very heightened degree, or indeed one may be able to 'see sound' as a physical wave of vibration. These sensory distortions from normality can immediately switch from being very pleasant, to representing the users worst nightmares. Indeed a 'bad trip' can have a very long term and profound effect upon the psyche of the user - as indeed a 'good trip' can have a more positive and profound effect.

If you have concerns about LSD, and the after-effect of LSD and you feel I may be able to help, please do get in touch with me for a confidential and free consultation so that we may discuss your needs further.

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