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Hypnotist to help depression

Most hypnotherapists practice only one form of hypnotherapy (known as conventional hypnotherapy, suggestion therapy or clinical hypnosis) - and it's important to understand that this form of hypnotherapy cannot permanently free you of the symptoms of depression.

If you go to the Yellow Pages or some other directory, you are likely to find a hypnotist to help with your depression who is quite happy to take your money, and even claim to be able to sort your depression out, but sadly this is not the truth. At best, you'll be left with feeling you are coping a little bit better - but you're certainly not going to be feelings 'over the moon' for the rest of your life.

Conventional hypnotherapy is excellent at helping people with simple problems that in part at least, are not problematic because of anxiety. Such problems are people who want to feel motivated to begin exercising, or as a quick fix for exam nerves (although a long term fix to these nerves would still need Pure Hypnoanalysis). What conventionAl hypnotherapy doesn't do, is allow you to deal with the actual cause of your depression. Only when the real cause of your depression is dealt with, will you be able to live your life permanently free of these symptoms. Conventional hypnotherapy is like sticking a plaster over the problem, not healing the problem from its very root.

Pure Hypnoanalysis reaches parts that no other therapies do!
Live your life free from the symptoms of depression.

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