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Food to help depression

To a certain extent, watching what we eat can help ease the symptoms of depression, but by no means can dietary modification cure depression. Indeed I don't believe this has ever happened or will ever happen because the real cause of depression is anxiety, and the only therapy in the world that is able to release the the bottled up emotions that are causing the anxiety is Pure Hypnoanalysis. In reality, foods can help lift someone out of minor 'blues' but cannot lift someone of the depression.

For information purposes only, here are a few food tips that may help with depression a bit. many of the following tips are actually the fundamentals of what healthy eating is all. I would strongly advise you consult a professional nutritionist to learn the very latest advice on adjusing your diet to help you with your mood.

Eat complex carbohydrates, not simple sugars - when we eat simple sugars (glucose, fructose) as found in foods such as chocolate bars and sweets, this causes a rapid elevation in blood sugar levels. This can lead to a rapid elevation in mood. All good things must some to an end as they say and when we've used these simply sugars up, we feel our mood drop. Complex carbohydrates as found in whole grain pasta and potatoes, is an energy source that the body takes it's time to process to we don't experience a sudden up then down. This is because the body breaks down complex carbohydrated into simple sugars over time - giving us a nice and regular source of energy.

Increase Vitamin E - some studies have attributed Vitamin E to be at low levels in people that are depressed. Canola oil is rich in vitamin E and may help with your mood.

Increase your folate intake - Dark green vegetables such as spinach and peas are high in folate. It is a substance that has a key role in the production of serotonin which is an important chemical for mood.

Increase vitamin B6 - Get hold of a good quality multi-vitamin supplement and take as prescribed on the bottle. Chicken and turkey are both rich in vitamin B6, which also has an important role in serotonin production.

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