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Anxiety Disorder Treatment at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

manchester hypnotherapy anxiety treatment

I am a specialist in helping people become permanently free from anxiety, and free from all feelings and symptoms caused by anxiety. Using Pure Hypnoanalysis, I offer the worlds leading treatment of anxiety (sometimes known as anxiety disorder) and I am able to help my clients permanently release the bottled up emotions that give them anxious feelings. I am a leading expert in the North of England in helping people completely and permanently change their lives for the better.

Would you like to be completely free from feelings of anxiety?

Pure Hypnoanalysis is the World-leading therapy for helping people live their lives permanently free from feelings of anxiety. I don't try and help people cope a bit better or make life a little bit easier – as other therapies such as CBT, NLP or even conventional hypnotherapy do; I aim to help you completely release the emotions that are locked up within you and so be totally and permanently free from feelings of anxiety. Unlike many other therapists who clearly don't understand what anxiety is, what causes it, and how anxiety relates to symptoms that cause people suffering, I have worked with hundreds of people suffering from anxiety who are now living their lives completely free of these feelings. My testimonials speak for themselves.

I hope this section of my website is informative and allows you to be able to take the right steps to living your life completely free of anxiety and the symptoms caused by it.

Overcome and remove your anxiety permanently with Pure Hypnoanalysis.
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Symptoms of anxiety

There are a number of physical symptoms that can be felt when people feel anxious. Commonly anxiety attack symptoms include one or all of the following;

Increase in heart beat / Heart Palpitations
Physical trembling / Muscle Spasm
Difficultly swallowing
Tingling sensations
Physical trembling
The feeling of tightness across the chest
Experiencing hot and cold flushes or sweating

It's very hard to describe 'how' anxiety actually feels - and is generally decribed simply as feeling anxious. These physical symptoms along with the emotional experience tend to result in what is generally known as a panic attack.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a general word used to describe feelings when we are uncomfortable or frightened. Much in the same way that happiness describes

What causes Anxiety?

If you think about it, it is absolutely logical that you weren't born with anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling (an emotion) that some people have but unlike other human emotions – such as feelings of being happy, sad, jealous, lonely, angry or bitter – which usually have a cause, you do not know what is causing that feeling of anxiety.

If you think about it, when you feel happy, you know what has happened to make you feel that way. You will have had an experience that makes you feel happy. In other words, something has happened to cause you to feel happy. People don't just feel happy – there is always a cause.

Similarly, other emotions – such as feeling sad – always have a cause. You might find yourself feeling sad because a pet died, or someone you care for has been injured. Once again, you know why you are feeling the way you do; there is a cause to those emotions.

Anxiety doesn't grow on trees – something must have caused these feelings

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In a similar way, you weren't born being able to read and write. It logically follows that 'something' must have happened that gave you that anxiety. For example, the reason (the cause) that you can read and write is because you once learnt to do these things. You had several experiences in the past that taught you how to do this. In the same way, it stands to reason that 'something' has caused these feelings of anxiety.

What do you think would happen if for some reason you forgot that you could read and write, for some reason you buried all the experiences deep within your mind of the time you learnt to read and write? You guessed it - you would not be able to read and write any more.

Anxiety is a very different feeling because we have no idea why we are feeling it

Anxiety is a feeling that is formless and makes people feel out of control. People who feel anxiety have no idea where it comes from, they 'just' feel anxious. People who suffer from panic attacks simply have panic attacks. There is no explanation for the panic attack or the feelings associated with it (until the person intellectually gives a reason for those feelings).

Humans hate the fear of the unknown – so we use our intellect to make it 'known'

Anxiety is such a horrible feeling that clients often find it very hard to describe what it is they're actually experiencing. This comes as no suprise because anxiety is in fact 'the fear of the unknown'. Clients will often describe anxiety like;

"..feeling totally out of control.."
" if I'm just about to die.."
" if I'm just about to be consumed by fear.."
" if I'm just about to be hit by a bus.."

Anyway that anxiety is described doesn't make for comfortable feelings. Frankly, its bloody horrible, and that would be a suitable generalisation for it.

Because feelings of anxiety have no explanation, the human mind does something VERY clever. It gives anxiety 'form' to allow us to cope a little bit better with it. When we feel anxious – because we don't actually know what's causing it – we very rapidly create explanations for it. The most obvious example of this is the formation of phobias.

People who suffer from, for example, the fear of flying know that it is in fact quite irrational to have this fear to the extent they do; after all, flying is the safest of all forms of transport. It is nevertheless a very real fear. People with the fear of flying will often say, "I'm feeling anxious because I have to get on a plane next week". Bingo! The fear of the unknown (the anxiety) has cleverly been made known by the power of the mind.

If you think about it, it's far more comforting to fear getting on a plane than to fear the unknown. Wouldn't you agree? A good example of this is when we hear 'bumps in the night'. I'm sure you've had the experience where you hear a sound coming from somewhere in your house which you can't explain. This makes us feel uneasy (it is 'the unknown'). So what we rapidly do is come up with a plausable explanation to 'give it form' and to remove the 'fear of the unknown'. Commonly we'll think, "Ah, it's the pipes, " or something like that. Immediately we feel better about that 'bump in the night' despite the fact that our explanation may not actually be true!

Because the mind creates phobias to make the 'unknown' known you will never find an anxious person develop a phobia of something or some situation that they will never experience. For example, you would be hard pushed to find someone who has always lived in a desert who has a phobia of snow. If you think about it, this would be pointless because that person would never be exposed to snow. But you might find that same person is afraid of sand or camels.

Phobias tend to focus on situations or objects that hurt the sufferer most. For example, Dentists are far more likely to develop a fear of teeth/ injections or saliva, for example, than a city banker. A librarian would be far more likely to develop a phobia of books or long words than someone who is never exposed to books or doesn't enjoy reading.

... but I'm feeling anxious because...

Clients will very commonly give what is at face value a perfectly rational explanation as to why they are feeling anxious. Here are a few examples of explanations given to me by clients;

"...because my Dad died 15 years ago and I'm not over it yet..."
"...because my son had an affair and disgraced the whole family..."
"...because I've been having a very stressful time..."
"...because I have to give a speech to all my work colleagues..."
"...because I feel responsible for a car accident my daughter had years ago..."
"...because my husband had an affair 20 years ago and my marriage failed..."

You will notice that these statement all have something in common, and that's the word 'because'. As explained previously, because the feeling of anxiety is so formless and unknown (and damn right unpleasant) the human mind gives anxiety a 'form' by creating an explanation for the feeling. Above are just a few sample explanations; they are, nevertheless, totally erroneous. What I mean by this is that while they are all plausable explanations, they are not necessarily true.

Take an example of someone with high levels of anxiety which is being expressed as chronic agoraphobia. Would it really make sense that they are suffering to such an extent with anxiety that they fear leaving the house and going out doors because their Dad died 15 years ago? Would is really make sense that someone with depression has been depressed for 20 years because their husband had an affair 20 years ago?

Of course this doesn't make sense at all.

So what is the real cause of anxiety?

When clients ask me this question, it's easiest to explain by giving the following example. I assume that you have had someone you love dearly pass away in your lifetime, and if you haven't, just imagine what that would be like. Frankly, the death of a loved one is pretty much the worst experience that we humans have to face in our lifetimes. Indeed, this experience is so bad that it takes an 'average' person two years to get over such an experience. This is commonly known as the 'bereavement process'. After two years, one can expect to be able to get on with life and move forward.

Just imagine for a moment this hypnothetical situation (let's both touch wood on this one). Imagine that someone you loved very much died right now. Just imagine for a moment those horrible feelings of life falling apart there and then. Now just imagine in that very moment that for some reason you completely buried the fact that this person had died, indeed you couldn't cope with the experience to such a degree that you buried the event to the extent that you had absolutely no awareness that it had happened. Now you're simply left with the feelings, but have no idea why you have those feelings.

The crucial question is, how would you ever get over those feelings? How would you ever deal with those feelings?

The answer is, you couldn't ever get over those feelings because you don't know what is causing them, but you could rationalise those feelings to make yourself feel a bit better. How about...

"...because my son had an affair and disgraced the whole family..."
"...because I've been having a very stressful time..."
"...because I have to give a speech to all my work collegues..."

... sounds familiar, yes?

Anxiety is caused by an experience that has been completely buried, so buried in fact that it is completely out of conscious memory. This is why therapies such as CBT, EFT, counselling, psychology, psychiatry can never, and I do mean never, free people from feelings of anxiety. This is simply because these therapies involve you thinking and talking about what you know - i.e. what is in your memory. But the real cause is not in your memory because it's been buried.

You've been thinking about what's caused your anxiety all your life
- but still you have anxiety!

I don't know you. I don't know who you are. I don't know the person who is reading this page on the internet right now, but I'll give you a friendly bet that you have indeed been thinking about what has caused your anxiety on and off for all your life. I'm also willing to bet that many of you will have already been for counselling, psychology style treatments, perhaps conventional hypnotherapy, perhaps even been 'tortured' with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and still you have your anxiety.

If you think about it, even just for a moment; if the real cause of your anxiety wasn't buried (out of your conscious mind and memory) you would have surely discovered it by now and got over it. Wouldn't you?!

The fact is, people go through CBT, EFT, pychology, take psychiatric drugs, perhaps go through some hypnotherapy to 'paper over the cracks', perhaps even delight in some useless exercises in NLP for their anxiety, and still they have their anxiety (but may be 'coping' a little bit better as a result of years of various therapies and thousands of pounds in expense).

The bottom line is no amount of CBT, EFT, hypnotherapy, psychology, counselling, psychiatry can free you of your anxiety and the symptoms of anxiety. If you don't believe me, be my guest. Many of my clients have already been through years of these other therapies and got nowhere. In fairness, some have learnt to cope a bit better over the years which has given their lives a bit of improvement thankfully. However, the good news is Pure Hypnoanalysis achieves something amazing, that no other therapy can: completely resolving the real cause of the anxiety resulting in permanent freedom from those feelings.

Anxiety HAS to be expressed and this is what symptoms actually are

Phobia formation explained above is a form of anxiety expression. Anxiety, like any other feeling/ emotion, must be expressed. A person who is happy will express happiness (you can easily see if someone opposite you is happy because they smile or laugh). A person who is sad expresses sadness (by the fact they are crying or are looking very glum). In fact, our feelings have to be expressed. If you feel happy, sad, lonely, nervous, upset, angry, jealous - whatever - it's simply not possible not to express those respective feelings. Anxiety is no exception.

Anxiety expression is in fact what we call symptoms. The most raw expression of anxiety is a panic attack, and because of this a true panic attack is probably the most horrible experience going. But as mentioned above, the human brain is clever, and is capable of creating a multitude of ways to express the anxiety, to give it form, to give it meaning, to make it less 'unknown' and fearful. These expressions include social anxieties, phobias, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, addictions such as gambling addiction, drug abuse and generally anything else you can think of that makes peoples lives a misery (but is still an improvement on simply having panic attacks).

Anxiety IS at the root of ALL psychosomatic problems

The above statement is bold, and it is true. The cause of all symptoms that have no medical explanation (otherwise known as "psychosomatic" symptoms) is anxiety. And feelings of anxiety are caused by bottled up emotions.

Pure Hypnoanalysis is the world leading anxiety treatment. Nothing compares.
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Pure Hypnoanalysis can offer permanent and effective life changing relief from anxiety - it is the only therapy in the world that can do this.

All therapies, including CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), psychology, counselling and even psychiatry only ever deal with the symptom itself and not the cause of the symptom.

Imagine your anxiety is a stream of water running down a hill. All therapies only ever try to divert the stream (the symptom) so that it flows in a more comfortable direction. This is rather like putting a boulder in the way to try and stop it. All that happens is that the stream flows around the boulder and spills over somewhere else. In this way, most therapies (including conventional hypnotherapy) can only ever help people cope a bit better, because the stream itself (the anxiety), and the reason why the stream is flowing in the first place (the cause of the anxiety) is never truely dealt with.

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By using Pure Hypnoanalysis to release the bottled up emotions that are causing the anxiety, the symptoms caused by those bottled up emotions cease to exist, meaning that the person becomes permanently free of the 'out of control' feelings that are created by the anxiety. Quite understandably, when clients realise this is possible they are often taken aback because they have resigned themselves to a life with anxiety and cannot imagine a life without it.

Do you want to live your life completely free of feelings of anxiety?

I hope you now understand why Pure Hypnoanalysis is such a powerful and unique therapy. I have helped hundreds of people to live their lives free of feelings of anxiety and there really is no good reason why you can't either. You will find me a very considerate and easy going person, who will not judge you in any way with the problem that you want me to help you with. Please rest-assured your case will be treated in the strictest of confidence. Please don't hesitate to contact me to arrange a completely free consultation so that we can discuss your specific needs.

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