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Foods to avoid with IBS

Although modifying your diet may help with the syptoms of IBS, ultimately you will need Pure Hypnoanalysis to completely free you of your symptoms. However in the mean time - there are a number of foods that should be avoided to lessen the severity of symptoms of IBS.

cut out alcohol for IBS

One key is to avoid alcohol and artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol and artificial fats. It's best to stay way from saturated fats for health reasons so I'd suggest using olive oil in replacement for butters and other saturated fats such as lard. Coffee doesn't seem to help with the symptoms of IBS so try and cut sources of caffeine out as well. Some people who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome find that red meat causes them problems so you might find some relief by lowering or cutting this out of your diet. As a general rule, if you eat a lot of processed foods, watch your fat intake, this can cause digestive problems because it's not easily absorbed by your body. Finally, not only are vegetables good for you - they're very high in fibre which is essential for a healthy gut.

But why modify your diet to make you feel a bit better when you can be permanently free of the symptoms of IBS at the
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