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Diets for IBS

There are a number of recommended diets on the internet to help with the symptoms of IBS. Obviously these aren't going to completely remove the symptoms but may help whilst you are undergoing Pure Hypnoanalysis to remove the anxiety that is actually causing these symptoms.

cut out coffee to help IBS

Although Irritable Bowel syndrome is cause by anxiety, dietary measure can help a great deal in lessening the symptoms. There is no 'best' diet to help with the symptoms of IBS and indeed any diets that you discover out there on the internet will always be based around a few findamentals which are listed below;

Avoid fatty foods (use good quality Olive Oil instead of saturated fats).
Fibre (ensure your diet is full of vegetables and other non-soluble fibres).
Cut out caffeine altogether.
Cut out fizzy drinks (carbonated drinks).
Cut out alcohol from your diet.

Taking the simple measures above should help you symptoms whilst you work on getting rid of them permanently with Pure Hypnoanalysis.

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