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IBS treatment (Irritable Bowel Syndrome treatment)
at the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

What is IBS?

IBS abdominal pain

IBS is characterised by unexplained pains in the bowels and is a very common disorder of the digestive system. It is known as a 'syndrome' because it can involve several different specific symptoms. It has been estimated that up to 20% of all people suffer from symptoms of IBs at some point in their lives.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome signs and symptoms

IBS involves various feelings of discomfort with regards to the digestive system and bowels. Some of the most common symptoms that clients with IBS experience are a complex of these symptoms;

Abdominal pain when going to the toilet
Persistent abdominal pain
Feelings of incomplete evacuation when going to the toilet
Frequent feelings of needing to pass stool

What causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Assuming that there is no medical explanation as to why a person if suffering from abdominal pains of one form or another, and a doctor has diagnosed a patient as having IBS - by definition these pains are unexplained.

IBS is caused by anxiety, and until the anxiety is properly dealt with, the symptoms of IBS are likely to persist indefinately. Some people who suffer from these symptoms notice that their symptoms begin, or get worse (in persistent) cases when they are stressed. The reason why this happens is that additional stress (from day to day life) just tips the psyche over the edge due to their already being a high basal amount of anxiety. Commonly, experiences such as divorce, moving house, bereavment and unexpectadly losing a job are enough to push anxiety levels high enough for symptoms of IBS to occur. For other people, IBS can just happen, without warning, one moment everything feel fine, the next sudden and striking pains occur.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome treatment

Most therapies aimed at helping people with symptoms aim at dealing with the symptoms themselves. These treatments may be of a physical nature such as chiropractic treatments or dietary changes, or may be of a psychological nature such as conventional hypnotherapy.

Because most therapies aimed at helping people suffering from IBS, only ever deal with the symptoms and not the cause of the symptoms themselves, it's hard to imagine how these therapies can actually permanently relieve people of IBS. Indeed, many clients who consult me have already been through several different kinds of therapies and still have their symptoms. Pure Hypnoanalysis is a very unique therapy because it's the only therapy in the world that deals with the cause of IBS, and not the symptoms themselves. Once the cause is dealt with (the anxiety is realeased), it follows, and is a fact, that the symptoms go.

Is there an IBS cure?

Pure Hypnoanalysis can permanently relieve the symptoms of IBS because Pure Hypnoanalysis releases the bottled up emotions that are causing the anxiety that in turn causes all the symptoms of IBS. There is simply no better therapy in the world for treating IBS.

Do you want to be completely and permanently free of the symptoms of IBS?
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