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Welcome to the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic

Manchester Hypnosis

..At the Manchester Hypnotherapy Clinic, James Froggatt PhD D.Hyp (MIAPH) specialises in helping people live their lives permanently free from the feelings that cause them problems. Apart from being the North of Englands leading stop smoking and weight loss specialist, the problems James treats include; anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, emetophobia, phobias, OCD, depression, gambling addiction, eating disorders, IBS, sexual problems and much more.

'Hypnotherapy' cannot permanently free you from your symptoms... Pure Hypnoanalysis can!

Unlike most hypnotherapists, who practice conventional clinical hypnosis, which at best can help people cope a little bit better with their symptoms, James is one of the leading Pure Hypnoanalytical Therapists in the UK. Pure Hypnoanalysis unlike conventional hypnotherapy allows for permanent release of symptoms and problems, this is something that no other therapy in ther World can achieve.

It's no wonder most people have tried conventional hypnotherapy with no permanent results!

Using Pure Hypnoanalysis, a truly permanent and life changing therapy, James is able to help people permanently resolve and release feelings of anxiety, and the symptoms that exist as a result of this anxiety - this is something that no other therapy in the World can claim to do. The end result is of not having to live life coping better, or dealing with things by worrying about coping strategies that have been taught, the end result is being completely resolved of feelings that have caused so much suffering.

James is also a very experienced hypnotherapist (clinical hypnotist), and uses his skills to help people with all kinds of problems, or indeed to assist people in achieving things they wish to do but feel that 'something' is holding them back.

What's so special about Pure Hypnoanalysis?

Pure Hypnoanalysis is the only therapy in the World that enables complete and permanent freedom of anxiety, and the symptoms caused by anxiety. This is because it is the only therapy that enables the release of anxiety - and once it's gone - it's gone!

In short - James does not aim to help client 'deal' with their symptoms a little bit better, nor does he aim to help clients 'cope' with life a little bit better, using his skills as a Pure Hypnoanalytical therapist, he is able to permanently free his clients from the horrible out of control feelings of anxeity that cause so much grief.

Why cope when you can be permanently free of anxiety?

Therapies such as conventional hypnotherapy (sometimes known as 'Suggestion Therapy', 'Clinical Hypnosis', or indeed as I explain to my clients 'the Paul McKenna stuff') cannot release people permanently from the grips of anxiety and all the problems caused in life by this anxiety. This is simply because these therapies only ever deal with the symptoms, but not the cause of the symptoms. Conventional hypnotherapy at best will help a client 'cope' a little bit better with their symptoms, but at worst, will clear up the symptoms which will only then be replaced by another undetermined, and possibly worse symptoms. This process is known as symptom substitution, and is a very real phenomenon.

Other therapies such as conventional hypnotherapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), counselling, psychology only ever deal with the symptom itself, and not the cause of the symptom. Because of this - these therapies cannot, and do not give the client the opportunity to be completely and permanently free from feeling of anxiety.

It's no suprise that many of my clients have already tried so many other therapies?

Many of my clients have already been through other therapies. Indeed, most have already consulted a 'hypnotherapist' (for conventional hypnotherapy), many have experienced a full course of CBT or psychology, and yet still, after so many years of therapy, are still suffering with their symptoms.

Perhaps one of the saddest things James hears in his therapy room are clients of more mature age who have, for most of their lives, been searching for a way to free them of their anxiety, and all the symptoms associated with it. Some have spent literally thousands of pounds, and have felt like they've been in 'therapy' for most of their lives. Then, in 6 to 12 sessions with James, when their anxiety is gone, for good, regret that they hadn't found this this therapy sooner. My testimonials speak for themselves - and ALL can be proven on file to be genuine - something that James is personally very proud of knowing that he regularly creates permanent and positive change in peoples lives - something with conventional hypnotherapy simply cannot achieve despite claims that some hypnotherapists make. Of course you don't have to take James's word for it, by all means go to the yellow pages and pick a hypnotherapist and have your symptoms treated by them... when you're symptoms return, or are replaced by some other unknown problem, you'll then be reade for Pure Hypnoanalysis.

Anxiety Treatment
With Pure Hypnoanalysis you can look forward to a life permanently free from anxiety. Why 'cope' when you can be completely free?
Weight Loss
Losing weight doesn't need to be a load of hardship, and effort - it can actually be really good fun. Hypnosis can help you achieve your ideal weight easier than you think!
Sexual Problems
James has helped all kinds of people with all kinds of sexual problem. You'll be amazed with how at ease you'll feel with James - so let's get that problem sorted!
Stop Smoking
James is renowned in the North of England as being the absolute leader in helping people stop smoking. With a 95% success rate - you can't say fairer than that!
The fear of sick, thoughts about vomit is a severe phobia experienced by many men and women. It can be cured using my specialist therapy - get in touch now.
Social Anxiety
Blushing, stuttering, stammering, sweating, physical ticks are just a few of the potential symptoms of social anxiety. Pure Hypnoanalysis can permanently free you.
Phobia Treatment Whether you fear spiders, snakes, heights, enclosed spaces, flying, public speaking - whatever your fear - let's get you permanently free of these horrible feelings.
Exam Nerves
James offers highly effective hypnotherapy treatments for exam nerves. Just imagine acutally looking forward to your next exam, knowing you will be extremely calm!
Gambling Addiction
With so many avenues available today - gambling is becoming an increasing problem for many people. Get your life back now and take back your control.
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